beyond tellerrand

beyond tellerrand runs affordable events for the web and design community.

Upcoming Events

beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 202114-16 NOV 2022Munich
beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 202103-05 NOV 2021Düsseldorf
beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 202101-04 SEP 2021Berlin
Stay Curious – “Black & White”19 MAY 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Email”05 MAY 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Success”21 APR 2021Online

Past Events

Stay Curious – “Brush, No Brush”07 APR 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Visual Thinking”24 MAR 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Explore”10 MAR 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Possibilities”24 FEB 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Interaction”10 FEB 2021Online
Stay Curious – “Career Choices”09 DEC 2020Online
Stay Curious – “Fonts”24 NOV 2020Online
Stay Curious – “Assumptions & Empathy”09 NOV 2020Online
Stay Curious – “Tinkering”28 OCT 2020Online
Stay Curious – “Motivation”13 OCT 2020Online
beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 201913-16 NOV 2019Berlin
Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – Wien29 AUG 2019Vienna
Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – Linz28 AUG 2019Linz
Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – München27 AUG 2019München
Mozilla Developer Roadshow 2019 – Nürnberg/Fürth26 AUG 2019Fürth
beyond tellerrand // Dusseldorf 201912-15 MAY 2019Düsseldorf
beyond tellerrand Berlin05-08 NOV 2018Berlin
beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 201807-09 MAY 2018Düsseldorf
beyond tellerrand Munich 201815-17 JAN 2018Munich
beyond tellerrand Berlin06-08 NOV 2017Berlin
Beyond Tellerrand07-09 NOV 2016Berlin
Beyond Tellerrand09-11 MAY 2016Düsseldorf
Beyond Tellerrand Berlin 201502-04 NOV 2015Berlin
Beyond Tellerrand Düsseldorf09-13 MAY 2015Düsseldorf

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