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Starting in 2023, Storyblok will be embarking on an exciting journey, where beyond tellerrand helps getting those stories onto the road.

Stories on the Road is a traveling show that will tour selected cities in different countries to bring the community together at free events, sharing valuable insight, and having a great time together!


Learn more about Cassie Evans

Cassie is a creative developer with a background in graphic design and motion design. She got started with coding back in the days of Myspace and Neopets and is on a mission to make the internet more whimsical again. Cassie currently works in developer relations at GreenSock, tinkering, educating and getting people excited about animation on the web.

Cassie Evans speaks about Unlocking SVG’s Superpowers

Unlocking SVG’s Superpowers
When most people think of SVG, they picture icons and illustrations, but it’s a magical language that’s capable of so much more! When you stop viewing it purely as a way to make vector graphics, a whole world of UI styling opens up. Come with me as we dig a little deeper and unlock some of SVG’s superpowers.

of Clearleft
Learn more about Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith lives in Brighton, England where he makes websites with the splendid design agency Clearleft. You may know him from such books as DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax, HTML5 For Web Designers, Resilient Web Design, and, most recently, Going Offline. He curated the dConstruct conference for a number of years as well as Brighton SF, and he organised the world's first Science Hack Day. He also made the website Huffduffer to allow people to make podcasts of found sounds—it's like Instapaper for audio files. Hailing from Erin's green shores, Jeremy maintains his link to Irish traditional music running the community site The Session. He also indulges a darker side of his bouzouki-playing in the band Salter Cane. Jeremy spends most of his time goofing off on the internet, documenting his time-wasting on, where he has been writing for over fifteen years.

Jeremy Keith speaks about Declarative Design

Declarative Design
Different browsers, different devices, different network speeds…designing for the web can feel like a never-ending battle for control. But what if the solution is to relinquish control? Instead of battling the unknowns, we can lean into them. In the world of programming, there’s the idea of declarative languages: describing what you want to achieve without specifying the exact steps to get there. In this talk, we’ll take this concept of declarative programming and apply it to designing for the web. Instead of focusing on controlling the outputs of the design process, we’ll look at creating the right inputs instead. Leave the final calculations for the outputs to the browser—that’s what computers are good at. We’ll look at CSS features, design systems, design principles, and more. Then you’ll be ready to embrace the fluid, ever-changing, glorious messiness of the World Wide Web!

of Storyblok
Learn more about Arisa Fukuzaki

Arisa is a Frontend Developer who became a DevRel Engineer. She works at Storyblok to share and improve better DX through talks, maintaining SDKs, and tutorials. Her mission is to learn, speak, connect and help.Outside of her work, she is a GDE and a GirlCode ambassador. In her private time, she is a longboarder, a snowboarder, a yogi, and an Aikido fighter.

Arisa Fukuzaki speaks about i18n was the missing piece: Let 70%+ of the users in the world access your apps

i18n was the missing piece: Let 70%+ of the users in the world access your apps
Accessibility, better DX, and performance get a lot of attention as it improves better UX significantly. Plus, it gives satisfaction to devs by seeing the significant improvements. But how about internationalisation? A fun fact: Over 70% of the users in the world access non-English content. In this talk, I’ll show you more surprising facts about internationalisation and what are scalable approaches. You’ll see examples with libraries for frameworks with a few different logic to implement different internationalisation layouts.

of Netlify
Learn more about Phil Hawksworth

Phil is Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify. With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common. After almost 25 years of building web applications for companies such as Google, Apple, Nike, R/GA, and The London Stock Exchange, Phil has worked to challenge traditional technical architectures in favour of simplicity and effectiveness. Phil is co-author of “Modern Web Development on the Jamstack” (O'Reilly, 2019

Phil Hawksworth speaks about Render time

Render time
The way we thought about delivering and displaying content used to be simpler. Webservers sent HTML down the wire and browsers displayed it. Done. Pub? Not so fast! Now there are lots of ways content might be rendered for our users. And understanding what they all are, why you would choose what, and how they impact the development and the experience for the users is not always clear. In this talk, we’ll learn what SSR/CSR/SSG/DPR/DSG/ISR/ODB/SPA/MPA and Edge Rendering all really mean, along with their relative pros and cons. We’ll see how we might select the right one for different types of projects. And we’ll walk through a practical example which combines a number of rendering techniques to see how a web project can use a variety of complementary technologies with compelling results.



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