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Neon Moiré is a curated event guide of the world’s most interesting design conferences and events on our digitized world. We select offline events with a focus on typography, graphic design, digital design, creative coding, Augmented / Virtual / Mixed Reality, internet culture, design film and design summer schools.

Neon Moiré is editorially independent, which means that none of the events listed on have paid to participate. The selection is based upon the profile of the event, the duration and its speakers.

Feel free to add your design conference. We will review all submissions before publication. To make and keep Neon Moiré sustainable we have paid features.

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Organizers on Neon Moiré

PUSH Conference *
A lovingly crafted platform for hands-on professionals to celebrate the craft, impact and strategies of great design, all the way from people to post-its to pixels.

Underconsideration LLC *
A graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, conferences — Brand New Conference and First Round — and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Bloomington, IN, USA.

beyond tellerrand *
Affordable events for the web and design community. Run by Marc Thiele.

Communities have become the most important social unit of our lives. co-matter explores what makes them thrive.

POST Design Festival *
Post is an openly critical and collaborative design festival that challenges the place of graphic design, digital design and illustration practice in society. *
A conference for people who build websites. goal is to inspire the web community and bring the state of the web in Asia (and particularly Hong Kong) to a higher level.

CXI – Corporate and Brand Identity Conference *
At the CXI Conference selected clients and brand agencies show TOGETHER how things look from both sides of the partnership, identifying problem areas and presenting solutions.

Digital Design Days *
Digital Design Days is a 3-day event that unites the world's best creative and business minds to grow business through digital design thinking.

FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that capture the essence of what our events are all about. Since 2002, FITC produce design and technology focused events worldwide that inspire, educate and challenge attendees.

SmashingConf *
The Smashing Conference is an inclusive friendly conference for people who design and build for the web.

* What does verified mean?
This are event organizers who provide high quality design conferences and work together with Neon Moiré.