8020 is a live online education platform for aspiring and seasoned UX professionals. We design monthly UX workshops, yearly UX conferences, and special UX events. We also produce fresh UX videos and podcasts so you can learn at your own time. Every participant is welcome in our 8020 Community, where our members share stories, thoughts, and resources to help each other grow their careers. Our mission is to help designers grow. Designers play a critical role in building products and services that have the potential to change the world. New technology and tools are being launched daily, and good designers have never been more important. To have a successful design career, you need creativity, reinvention, continued learning, and passion. We’re helping you in this journey by creating educational experiences that are affordable and accessible, wherever you are in the world. Our goal is to help you grow in your design career, provide the resources so you can master your craft, and be your guide so you can do work that you love.


Event Archive

UX+ Conference 202012-13 SEP 2020Manila
Graphika15-16 FEB 2020Manilla
Graphika Manila02-03 FEB 2019Manila
Graphika Manila 201721-22 JAN 2017Manila