Neon Moiré is a curated event guide of the world's most interesting design conferences and events on our digitized world. The agenda will focus on graphic, typography and interaction design conferences, not to forget design film festivals and an overview of the top design summer schools.

The website is editorially independent, which means that none of the events listed on neonmoire.com have paid to participate. The selection is based upon the profile of the event, the duration and its speakers.

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Please feel free to submit your event, festival or conference. If you have more information or details for any of the events listed, or information on a event we might have missed, please fill out this form and we will update our page.
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The Neon Moiré effect

'Neon Moiré' is an effect, which is created through the interaction between matter and scanning devices. Examples of Neon Moiré you can find on the art of google books Tumblr page. This print and digital world synergy we feel represents the current situation in the design field and its networked collaborations.



A project by Thomas Dahm, with help from some friends: Logo by Yurr, editing by Simone Dresens, programming by Jurre Antonisse.

Set in Basis-Grotesque Bold by Colophon.