Playgrounds is a platform for visuals arts that showcases and celebrates the creative image. Playgrounds stimulates new developments, signal innovative movements, it inspires an international creative industry and connects you to the best and brightest artists and animators, extraordinary filmmakers, game-, sound- and graphic designers. For more than ten years the platform organized several Playgrounds conferences and festivals throughout the year. Several moments, where the international creative industry comes together. Where you get inspired by artist talks, workshops, films and masterclasses. Where you meet your biggest heroes and witness mesmerizing performances.
 In the fall Playgrounds organizes a travelling fest, called In Motion. In an ever-changing media landscape, constantly moving and dynamic, Playgrounds is also always In Motion. Even more so when chasing the newest creative trends, mind-boggling artists, ambitious innovative projects and unearthed inspiration emerged from digital arts in all shapes and forms. We wanted to explore more, discover more, enjoy new spaces and connect with new audiences. So meet: Playgrounds In Motion. A travelling festival, focusing on different themes in every new location. First two stops: London + Rotterdam! In the spring we dive into The Art Department which focuses on the design process of film, animation and games, in Eindhoven and Berlin. We also have a free on demand platform RePlay, where you can re-watch the talks and interviews of our festival. And each year Playgrounds supports amazing talents in the tailor-made talent program Next.

Upcoming Events

The Art Department Berlin 25-26 MAY 2024Berlin

Event Archive

The Art Department Eindhoven 202418-19 APR 2024Eindhoven
In Motion05-06 OCT 2023Rotterdam
In Motion08-09 SEP 2023London
The Art Department Berlin 202313-14 MAY 2023Berlin
The Art Department Eindhoven 202320-21 APR 2023Eindhoven
Blend Festival | Amsterdam03-04 NOV 2022Amsterdam
Blend Festival | Breda02 NOV 2022Breda
The Art Department Berlin 202214-15 MAY 2022Berlin
The Art Department Eindhoven 202221-22 APR 2022Eindhoven
Blend 2021 (online only)24-25 NOV 2021Eindhoven
Blend 2021 (on-site)07-08 OCT 2021Breda
The Art Department | World Tour25-26 JUN 2021Online
Playgrounds - The Art Department08-09 OCT 2020Eindhoven
Playgrounds Blend28-29 MAY 2020Amsterdam
Playgrounds Online Fest #2 - Blend15 MAY 2020Eindhoven
Playgrounds Online Fest #1 - The Art Department 16 APR 2020Eindhoven
Playgrounds The Art Department Berlin10-11 OCT 2019Berlin
Playgrounds The Art Department Eindhoven03-04 OCT 2019Eindhoven
Playgrounds Blend Amsterdam08 APR 2019Amsterdam
Playgrounds Blend Breda04-05 APR 2019Breda
Playgrounds The Art Department 201804-05 OCT 2018Eindhoven
Playgrounds Blend09-13 APR 2018Breda / Amsterdam
Playgrounds Session XL: The Art Department.05-06 OCT 2017Eindhoven
Playground Festival — Amsterdam03-04 NOV 2016Amsterdam
Playground Festival — Breda31-02 OCT/NOV 2016Breda
Playgrounds Internationale Digital Arts Festival02-06 NOV 2015Breda
Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival28-31 OCT 2014Tilburg & Amsterdam