Blend – fest on cutting edge creativity

On 7 and 8 October Playgrounds converts skate park Pier15 in Breda into a visual walhalla aka Blend festival. Brush up your social skills & get ready for the creative meetup of the year.

In Blend Playgrounds expands the perspective on post-digital visual culture by picking the brains of leading, inspiring artists from all over the world. They show you a catwalk of inspiring, progressive and innovative work from artists who stretch outside traditional disciplines and love to mash things up.

The main program is divided into 6 parts, with limited seats available per block. Each block focusses on its own theme and artists. Artist talks, interviews, performances and panels bring inspiration and an insight into new visual trends and the state of the industry. Playgrounds also curates an outdoor program and an expo which is free of charge. And good food & drinks! No excuse NOT to join!

Some Highlights

Anna Ginsburg

Anna Ginsburg

Sporting a very recognizable chromatic style and narratives often focused on strong female protagonists, the works of filmmaker Anna Ginsburg create a long-lasting impression on anyone watching them. She has collaborated with John Lewis, Reebox, Sony, BBC, Channel 4, Columbia Records, Universal and Burberry among others.

Ludwig Volbeda Fabeldieren

Ludwig Volbeda

Illustrator Ludwig Volbeda has a very recognisable and unique style, managing to always bring his own aesthetic in the works he creates, whether them being illustrations for books, covers, posters or sketches. Winner of De Gouden Penseel and Bronze European Design Award for his book Fabeldieren (Mystical creatures).

the fabricant Buffalo Shoe The Fabricant Burning For1

The Fabricant

Imagine altering your digital presence using garments and fashion pieces never before seen or created in physical space. Outfits specifically designed for the digital environment. Meet the digital fashion house The Fabricant and get a crash-course in an alternative future of fashion, worthy of 21st century.


Levi Jacobs

Illustrations, prints, murals, animations... This Rotterdam-based Dutch illustrator has tried them all and been extremely successful at it! He has collaborated with Netflix, VPRO, New York Times, Nike, Apple and Esquire just to name a few.

Adriaan de Jongh

Adriaan de Jongh

Adriaan de Jongh is a game designer best known for the indie game hit Hidden Folks, a hand-drawn interactive searching game, and for experimental games like Bounden, Fingle and his new game Secret Shuffle, which move people out of the normal space of videogames by challenging players to dance, hold hands, and share physical interactions.

And also visit the free program: the expo (Post) Digital hairiness, with furry friends and foes (featuring Bart Hess, Universal Everything, Lisa Rampilli, Zach Lieberman), interactive installations Pong by Thijs Eerens, Smart Distancing System by Jólan van der Wiel and Nick Verstand, short films in a bouncy castle, free haircuts by Cuts on the Road and loads of other stuff!

Please note that you’ll be required to show a coronavirus entry pass to enter the venue. For more info go to the FAQ on the website of Playgrounds.

Tickets: €7,50 per compilation program, €22,50 per day
Outdoor program + expo: free entrance

Full line up

Location: Skatepark Pier15, Breda, NL & Online

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