FITC stands for ‘Future. Innovation. Technology. Creativity.’ – four words that capture the essence of what our company and events are all about. We produce design and technology focused events worldwide which inspire, educate and challenge attendees. Since 2002, FITC has brought together like-minded professionals and students in Toronto, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles and many other cities. FITC produces a number of events internally and in collaboration with other event organizations throughout the year. Who goes to an FITC event? Digital Creators of all kinds…designers, developers, motion graphics artists, digital artists and everyone and anyone who creates things in the digital space. From technical to inspirational sessions, there’s always something to choose from, regardless of what stage of your career you’re in.

Event Archive

FITC Toronto17-18 APR 2023Toronto
TheJam.Dev25-26 JAN 2023Toronto
FITC Toronto 202119-21 APR 2021Toronto 202128-29 JAN 2021Online
Web Unleashed 202005-07 OCT 2020Online
FITC Toronto 202019-21 APR 2020Toronto
FITC Amsterdam 202024-25 FEB 2020Amsterdam
CAMP07-08 OCT 2019Calgary
FITC Toronto 201929-01 APR/MAY 2019Toronto
FITC Amsterdam 201918-19 FEB 2019Amsterdam
CAMP 201810-11 SEP 2018Calgary
FITC Toronto08-10 APR 2018Toronto
FITC Amsterdam 201819-20 FEB 2018Amsterdam
FITC Spotlight AR/VR02 DEC 2017Toronto
CAMP Festival10-12 SEP 2017Calgary
FITC Toronto 201723-25 APR 2017Toronto
FITC Amsterdam X20-21 FEB 2017Amsterdam
FITC Toronto 201617-19 APR 2016Toronto
FITC AMSTERDAM22-23 FEB 2016Amsterdam
FITC TOKYO13-14 FEB 2016Tokyo
Camp Festival21-22 SEP 2015Calgary
FITC Toronto 201512-14 APR 2015Toronto
FITC AMSTERDAM 201523-24 FEB 2015Amsterdam​
FITC TOKYO 201507-08 FEB 2015Tokyo