CXI – Corporate and Brand Identity Conference

At the CXI Conference selected clients and brand agencies show TOGETHER how things look from both sides of the partnership, identifying problem areas and presenting solutions. They give insights into the complexity and sheer breadth of what is involved in defining a corporate or brand identity project, bringing clarity to desired outcomes, decisions that are made to achieve these, and the results that can be expected.

Event Archive

CXI Brand Conference17 MAY 2024Bielefeld
CXI Brand Conference26 MAY 2023Bielefeld
CXI Brand Conference03 JUN 2022Bielefeld
CXI Brand Conference18 SEP 2020Bie­le­feld
CXI Brand Conference07 JUN 2019Bielefeld
CXI Brand talks 2018 a corporate and brand identity conference15 JUN 2018Bielefeld
CXI Con­fe­ren­ce23 JUN 2017Bielefeld
CXI Conference08 JUN 2016Bielefeld