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14 years of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. Come in and join on 13 and 14 May 2024 for exciting two days. Sharing ideas, exchange with like-minded people about creativity, technology and anything Web. beyond tellerrand is the event, where design and code meet. Check this site regularly for updates and join our newsletter, if you haven't already.


Learn more about Chriss Campe

Chris is a designer and writer, she develops ideas with text and expresses them in letterforms. Chris specialises in lettering because she loves language and letterforms equally and couldn’t make up her mind between writing and designing. Working at the intersection of text and image, art and design, Chris creates experimental lettering that is both expressive and thoughtful. Her guiding question: „Does it have to be this way?“ For clients she designs book covers, illustrations, logos and murals and she is happy to be one of the chosen few who design stamps for the Federal Republic of Germany. After studying Illustration in Hamburg and Paris, Chris was a Fulbright Scholar in the U.S. and got her M.A. in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She wrote several books on letter design and shares her knowledge in workshops and as a speaker.

Learn more about David Dylan Thomas

David Dylan Thomas, author of Design for Cognitive Bias, creator and host of The Cognitive Bias Podcast, and a twenty-year practitioner of content strategy and UX, has consulted major clients in entertainment, healthcare, publishing, finance, and retail. As the founder and CEO of David Dylan Thomas, LLC he offers workshops and presentations on inclusive design and the role of bias in making decisions. He has presented at TEDNYC, SXSW Interactive, Confab, An Event Apart, LavaCon, UX Copenhagen, Artifact, IA Conference, IxDA, Design and Content Conference, Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise, and the Wharton Web Conference on topics at the intersection of bias, design, and social justice.

Learn more about Sophie Tahran

Sophie Tahran is the Director of Content Design at Condé Nast. After establishing the discipline at The New Yorker, she built out and now leads a team of content designers across Vogue, GQ, Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, and more publications.

Learn more about David de Léon

David de Léon is a designer and researcher with 25 years of academic and industry experience. You can tell by his hair and beard that he has been doing it for a while At the start of his career, David worked a decade for Sony Mobile with user research and design and innovation of mobile phone interfaces. Towards the end of his tenure at Sony, he reviewed all the design output produced by the UX teams in Sweden, Japan and China. It was then that he became obsessed with the factors that contribute to effective and impactful feedback. That obsession resulted in a pack of cards of design critique questions, which is now also a website. Since people sometimes misunderstood the use of those questions – and missed out on some powerful subtleties – David wrote a book on design feedback, which may (or may not) be published by the day of the conference (the last 10% of any project are often the hardest). David lives in the south of Sweden, where makes his way through the world as a freelancing designer, researcher and design strategist. When not working, he reads obsessively, performs magic, plays with his wife, chats with his kids, and naps on the sofa.

Learn more about Stefan Sagemister

Stefan Sagmeister has designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, and the Guggenheim Museum. He’s a two time Grammies winner and also earned practically every important international design award. Stefan talks about the large subjects of our lives like happiness or beauty, how they connect to design and what that actually means to our everyday lives. He spoke 5 times at the official TED, making him one of the three most frequently invited TED speakers. His books sell in the hundreds of thousands and his exhibitions have been mounted in museums around the world. His exhibit “The Happy Show” attracted way over half a million visitors worldwide and became the most visited graphic design show in history. A native of Austria, he received his MFA from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and, as a Fulbright Scholar, a master’s degree from Pratt Institute in New York.

Learn more about Maggie Appleton

Maggie is a designer, anthropologist, and mediocre developer. She currently leads design at Elicit, an AI research lab exploring how language models can support scientific research and open-ended reasoning. She’s enthusiastic about tools for thought, end-user programming, and digital gardening.

Learn more about Oliver Schöndorfer

Oliver Schöndorfer is a renowned typography expert and freelance UI & app designer from Austria. He is obsessed with everything type, feels physical pain when spotting bad kerning, and even had to switched banks, because he could not stand an updated logotype. His vision is to make digital projects more successful and beautiful through type. To share his knowledge, Oliver hosts the popular YouTube channel Pimp my Type, runs the weekly Font Friday Newsletter, writes articles, speaks at conferences and podcast. His energetic, unique style sets Oliver apart, while motivating thousands of designers and developers to leverage the power of typography. When Oliver is not thinking about letters, he practices Yoga daily, enjoys hiking with his wife Birgit, takes care of their three girls, and manually grinds coffee to keep it all going.

Learn more about Adrienne Tacke

Adrienne is a Filipina software engineer, keynote speaker, author of the best-selling book Coding for Kids: Python, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor who's reached over 65,000 learners with her courses (a number she'll likely surpass when you read this). She is writing Looks Good To Me: Constructive Code Reviews, a labor of love that she hopes will improve code reviews everywhere. Perhaps most important, however, is that she spends way too much money on desserts and ungodly amounts of time playing Age of Empires II.


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