beyond tellerrand – Düsseldorf 2024

Düsseldorf, Germany

14 years of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. Come in and join on 13 and 14 May 2024 for exciting two days. Sharing ideas, exchange with like-minded people about creativity, technology and anything Web. beyond tellerrand is the event, where design and code meet. Check this site regularly for updates and join our newsletter, if you haven't already.

    How to Fix Your Voc Program With Journey Mapping

    San Mateo, USA

    In this UXPressia event, Caterina Mishina will discuss the challenges of ineffective VoC programs, emphasize the importance of starting with a customer journey map, and offer insights and tools for building a more effective VoC program.

      Developerweek Latin America 2024

      San Francisco, USA

      DeveloperWeek Latin America is the premier developer & software engineering event for Latin America, with 3,000+ developers, engineers, software architects, dev managers, IT professionals, and technical executives gathering (online in 2024) for learning best practices & the newest trends, making connections, and uniting the global developer community.

        CreativePro Week 2024

        Arlington, United States

        CreativePro Week is the world’s best HOW-TO conference to master the tools of design. No matter your skill level, you’ll learn techniques and best practices you can start using immediately to improve your productivity.

          SmashingConf Freiburg

          Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

          Smashing Magazine’s conference is coming to Freiburg, our home where it all started for Smashing Magazine, on September 9–11! Their conferences focus on web design and development, and are known for that friendly community atmosphere.

            uxcon vienna 2024

            Vienna, Austria

            uxcon vienna is an international platform for UX enthusiasts which provides high-value knowledge transfer and enlarges the network of young professionals. The aim is not only to offer space for professional exchange but also to form a bridge between the European UX scene and pioneers in the USA.