20+ design conferences to attend in 2020


Update, March 13, 2020

Due to the global public health crisis, many conferences cancel, reschedule or go virtual. We updated this post with the new rescheduled dates, if announced by the event organizers. The complete list of canceled, rescheduled, postponed or go virtual events is available trough the linked text.

We advise everyone to follow the guidelines and protocols put forth by public health officials.
Please Stay safe, let’s work together to contain this virus.

It’s November 2019 and our calendar with announced design, UX and creativity conferences happening in 2020 is already pretty full. Currently, around 70 organizations have announced the dates for their upcoming event in 2020. We see a trend that organizers releasing details of their events earlier and earlier. To secure the date and to give attendees enough time to plan ahead. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you 20+ of the most interesting design-driven events around the world. These conferences have in comen is that they have a highly curated program. Bring great value through inspiration, workshop and learning experiences, plus offer lost of network opportunities to supercharge your work and make their ideas happen.

Leap year 2020, will be a special year for lots of organizations. South-Africa based Design Indaba celebrates 25 years of cultural invention around the globe. OFFF Barcelona is celebrating its 20th anniversary. beyond tellerrand celebrates their 10th edition in Düsseldorf. Motion design-focused event Mouvo in Prague celebrates its fifth anniversary just like Us by Night, the Antwerp-based design and creativity night event.

Before you start scrolling down, there are a couple of things you have to know. This list is incomplete… and listed in chronological order. During the coming months, lots of events will announce their conference details and we will update this page with more design conferences. We're looking forward to this year.

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How to decide where to go?

When we attend a event we consider the speakers, the location, the ticket price, the event’s track record and don’t forget the attendee list (although, unfortunally not often shared). We also look if there are interesting workshop and network events, before, during or after the conference. Bonus for us are attending locally organized side events and interesting exhibitions to visit.

and now:

design conferences 2020
Design Conferences in 2020 Photo: Thomas Dahm

20+ Design Conferences happening in 2020

— January 2020

In/Visible Talks 2020

When: January 16, 2020
Where: San Francisco, USA

In/Visible Talks is a conference for creative professionals that celebrates the art of design. The theme for the 3rd edition is ‘GO BEYOND’. Go beyond the expected perspectives, guardrails, materials, and thinking. The one-day, one-track conference is founded in 2018 by Dava Guthmiller and Arianna Orland.

New Adventures 2020

When: January 22, 2020
Where: Nottingham, UK

New Adventures’ fifth adventure, will explore speculative, strategic and critical design, radical inclusivity, climate and sustainability and the perennial question of what happens next.
New Adventures 2020 will form a clear narrative addressing significant issues facing humanity: the climate crisis and what design-minded practitioners can do about it; privilege and modern ethics; speculative design and the ways designers can encourage conversations to serve people better, and avoid ethical catastrophes in the future.

Awwwards Conference Tokyo 2020

When: January 22, 2020
Where: Tokyo, Japan

The team behind Awwwards brings their The Digital Thinkers conference to an iconic city across the globe twice a year. The two-day event includes a conference and networking activities. It is about creating new experiences to sell more and to discover trends, new technologies, network and unveil the secrets of the Internet.

Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference Tokyo 2020
Awwwards Digital Thinkers Conference Tokyo 2020
beyond tellerrand — A Documentary by Stefan Nitzsche

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