S-H-O-W 2021

Online Event

How do you tell a story in a visual way in order to change for example behaviour? Or how do you create awareness about a topic like climate change? How do elements as curiosity and empathy play a role to drive impact? How do you create impact with sound or typography? How do you plan for engagement? During the two day single track of S-H-O-W 2021, we will share different perspectives on the topic of visualising IMPACT.


  • Rebecca Conroy
  • Ahmad Barclay
  • Aaron Williams
  • Nadja Popovich
  • Alli Torban
  • Skye Moret
  • Nicholas Rougeux
  • Eva Murray
  • Sara Lenzi
  • Cedric Kiefer
  • Tiffany France
  • Wonyoung So
  • Miriah Meyer



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