Propela X Neon Moiré Session #1

Online, Online

Speaker Agency Propela and conference platform Neon Moiré are excited to invite you to a new series of online gatherings for event professionals. Each month we’ll be hosting an online session that will cover a topic that is challenging organisers around the world. We’ll invite leading minds in their fields to help us unpick the year ahead.

In 2021, the events industry as we know will continue to be reshaped – How can we reshape it together? How might the merger of online & offline create new opportunities? What can we learn from experts outside of our industry? What learnings can event organisers share with each other? We ran a poll with our clients and discovered that 70% of event organisers feel that audience networking and engagement are their biggest challenges in 2021. Bearing in mind that in some regions hybrid events will be possible, and for other regions, this format will be the first step to events IRL. As a result, our first session off the bat is… So you built a virtual community in 2020 – now what? How do you combine the irreplaceable value of in-person with the amazing reach and insights provided by virtual?


  • Adah Parris
  • Alex Bec
  • Peter Mandeno
  • Deborah Rey-Burns
  • Thomas Dahm



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