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!! WEBCONF.ASIA WILL BE POSTPONED read here why The third edition of Webconf.asia, a conference and workshop series featuring great talks with practical advice from international web experts. For this year's conference, we plan to run four workshops on the days before the conference on November 20–21, 2019.


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Harry Roberts on Web Performance, with Harry Roberts
20 Nov 2019
The Desk in Causeway Bay.20/F, 77 Leighton Rd, Causeway BayHong Kong
It’s good for users, it’s good for accessibility, and it’s good for business. But why are modern browsing experiences so slow? If technology is getting better, why are websites getting slower?
Easy and Affordable User Testing, with Ida Aalen
20 Nov 2019
The Desk20/F, 77 Leighton Rd, Causeway BayHong Kong
After this full-day workshop, you’ll be ready to user test even on small budgets and little time. Everyone wants to make intuitive products. But you can’t really know they’re intuitive, if you haven’t tested them with actual users. So why don’t we user test more often? It might be because we think we’re lacking the time, budget, equipment or simply the knowledge to do it. But that doesn’t have to be true. You’ll leave this hands-on and interactive workshop ready and excited to do user testing on your own. It will give you a theoretical foundation and show you how to try out techniques in practice. All done on little time, with no need for fancy equipment or help from expensive consultants.
Advanced CSS & Sass For Modern Applications, with Miriam Suzanne
21 Nov 2019
The Desk20/F, 77 Leighton Rd, Causeway BayHong Kong
From building beautiful sites, to maintaining complex design systems across applications, CSS is the web-language of design. Like all web languages, Cascading Style Sheets have come a long way since their early inception – providing powerful and dynamic tools for cross-browser and cross-device interface design. In this workshop, Miriam Suzanne will introduce a variety of new and advanced CSS techniques, along with practical use-cases, integrations, and pitfalls. You’ll learn how to manage CSS variables, grids, calculations, support queries, and more – but understanding the syntax is only a start. We’ll talk about building a robust code architecture with CSS-driven design systems, passing data between JS and CSS, and combining modern techniques to solve real, everyday interface problems.

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