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Graphic Matters presents self-initiated projects by international designers who care about how they affect the world. With exhibitions, tours, talks, workshops, and events that speak to the curious individual (not just the design professional), we show the impact of design.


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Havenkwatier (Belcrum)
Industriekade 15
4815 HD, Breda

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Workshops at Graphic Matters

Concepting for a Smart City by Clever°Franke with Clever°Franke
2 Oct 2019 - 2 Oct 2019
During this Keep an Eye Masterclass you will design a concept that will make your city a more pleasant place to live in. “Smart Cities” are cities with a digital infrastructure connecting streets, buildings, traffic, citizens and organisations. This can lead to more efficient existing services, and the appearance of new services related to ride-sharing, safer streets and better waste management. Sounds good right? However, critics are sceptical… The applications are aimed at the betterment of the usage, costs and quality of existing services, but there’s a lack of applications that improve the citizens quality of life and the liveability of the city. This is your chance to develop a meaningful concept, inspired by the digital revolution. Hosted by Gert Franke, co-founder of design agency CLEVERºFRANKE and the Sensor Lab Foundation, and internet-of-things designer Daan Rongen you’ll learn all about smart city technologies.
Price: 30€ you
Keep an Eye Masterclass: Stefanie Posavec with Stefanie Posavec
3 Oct 2019 - 5 Oct 2019
Data visualisation, information graphics and data-driven artworks are often associated with incredible programming skills, complex software and screen-based visualisations. But how would your design sensibility change if you worked with an analogue, handcrafted approach as opposed to code and screens? During this masterclass by Stefanie Posavec, you’ll learn the basic principles and processes of data visualisation through experimenting with non-traditional and physical methods. You’ll discover how to use data as a creative material to inform any kind of design and discover a new way of seeing and engaging with the world, where everything and anything can be a creative starting point for expression. You’ll learn how to gather and structure a dataset based on your own experience during Graphic Matters by observing the festival and its surroundings. Next, you’ll visualise your dataset in an analogue approach within the physical space. Your artwork can be an object, interaction or experience (anything from a physical object to a drawing to a dance) that expand the language of data visualisation into a new avenue. By the end of the masterclass, you understand the design process of a data visualisation and how to access a different starting point for working with data and shaping its aesthetic (even if you move onto your computer / into code at a later point).
Price: 30 €
Keep an Eye Masterclass: & Henning Wagenbreth with
10 Oct 2019 - 12 Oct 2019
During this three-day Masterclass we will be working on the theme ‘Meaningful Manuals for Millenials’. This will lead to manuals for fictional products or odd situations. The manuals will be collected in a magazine made with a Risograph printer. There will be a limited edition of the final magazine, which will be presented at the end of the Masterclass. There’s room for 15 participants – talented illustrators or graphic designers – that enjoy analogue methods (paper, scissors and ink). This Masterclass is an opportunity to learn a lot about illustration and Risoprinting, in a short amount of time. Risoprint is a sustainable, mechanical stencil printing technique, similar to screen printing. We print the magazines ourselves, so you become familiar with the technique. The Masterclass is hosted by Marjolein Schalk of and renowned ‘special guest’ Henning Wagenbreth.
Price: 30€
Keep an Eye Masterclass: Josh Schaub with Josh Schaub
16 Oct 2019 - 18 Oct 2019
During this masterclass you will get to know the first technical skills for the creation of a moving poster. You will experiment with different ways of movement to make information understandable and gain an insight into the usefulness, possibilities and limits of moving posters.
Price: 30€
Workshop: Data Attack! with Market Cafe Magazine
19 Oct 2019 - 20 Oct 2019
Storytelling is at the art of visualising data for audiences. Designing a magazine is no different. You take your reader through a journey of discovery, and exploration. This workshop aims to combine both crafts in one unique hands-on experience that spans over two days of fast-paced exercises, group activities, inspiring talks and examples, and all the dataviz and editorial insights from the full team of Market Cafe Magazine. The workshop is open to anyone who wants to use data visualisation and infographic storytelling as an editorial tool, whether for print or digital outcomes. Participants will be designing and printing a risograph A3 poster-zine, containing infographics, on the subject of space exploration (since 2019 it’s the 50th anniversary of the moon landing!). The poster data-zine will be printed in two colours – based on the Market Cafe Magazine signature style, using a risograph printer. Participants will deal with colour limitation when designing their visualisations as well as when preparing files for print, which will provide an exciting challenge as well as stylistic nuance. The workshop will be mostly computer-free.
Price: 30€