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Forward Festival Vienna

In-person Event

Vienna, Austria

Hybrid Forward Festival 2021 is all about the transformation of society through digitization in the creative scene. It raises questions about the virtualization of our lives and our work, especially during the “new normal”. Forward Festival wants to be an eye opener to the striking aspects of digitization – applied to design, creativity and communication.

    World Usability Congress

    In-person Event

    Graz, Austria

    This year, for the 9th time, the World Usability Congress will be held in Graz, Austria from October 13th - 14th. It hosts international prime talks from UX & CX professionals, working at companies such as Facebook, PwC, Zalando, SAP, Amazon, IBM & Shell. Besides deep insights, the conference gives the opportunity to step out of daily business life and serve as a hub to connect with like-minded people. The conference experience will be complemented with all-included catering and a Networking Dinner with a stunning view over the city of Graz.


      • Verena Seibert-Giller
      • Björn Ganslandt
      • Gülay Birand
      • Peter Gregersen
      • Hanna Köhler
      • Dagmar Wehr
      • Clemens Lutsch
      • Lior Arussy
      • Birand Gülay
      • Ben Anyasodo
      • Thomas Immich
      • Jürgen Blematl
      • Cornelia Schuss
      • Yoel Sumitro
      • Alexander Stocker
      • Nora Neuhuber
      • Jan Kiekeben
      • Sadok Cervantes
      • Johannes Lehner
      • Panagiotis Zaharias
      • Stefanos Zafeiropoulos
      • Jon Yablonski
      • Mohan Krishnaraj
      • Ranjeet Tayi
      • Mike Hanna
      • Jennifer Romano
      • Rob Manzano
      • Phil Gosch
      • Katrin Höllebauer
      • Klaus Hofer
      • Kristin Zibell
      • Sabina Krishna
      • Bansi Mehta
      • Barbara Koop
      • Ben Kertman
      • Derek Brookman
      • Mirjam Wouters
      • Monika Khanna
      • Verena Seibert-Giller
      • Anudeep Ayyagari
      • Russ Wilson
      • Noam Mor
      • Anish Joshi
      • Alexander Lingg
      • Heather Harrigan
      • Jürgen Götzenauer
      • Ulf Schubert

      OFFF Vienna


      Vienna, Austria

      3rd edition of OFFF Vienna a Visual Design Festival. Offf connects, grows and inspires people through interdisciplinary art and creativity in order to boost knowledge exchange and collaboration.

        Adobe Max 2021

        Online Event

        Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference is an annual event with the purpose to promote the latest Adobe releases to those in the computer design and development industries.