Brigthon, United KIngdom

Annual design & code event is the award winning international conference with a festival vibe. Each year international creatives and developers taking the stage to inform, inspire, entertain, thrill and educate attendees from all over the world.

Today’s digital creatives are multi-disciplined, they draw their inspiration to do great work from many different influences. Reasons to: is curated with that in mind, bringing content from many disciplines to give designers, coders, creatives, film makers, animators, installation builders, illustrators, artists and more the opportunity to see and hear new perspectives and the best content in the world.

  • Linda Brownlee
  • Irene Pereyra
  • From Form
  • Liam Walsh
  • Dominic Wilcox
  • Erik Kessels
  • Mathieu Gosselin
  • Dan Hett
  • André Michelle
  • Cécile Dormeau
  • Yuko Shimizu
  • Chris Spalton
  • Liv Siddall

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