Malofiej 26 — Infographic World Summit

Pamplona, Spain

The 26th Infographics World Summit will be held in Pamplona at the School of Communication at the University of Navarra, Spain. For seven days Pamplona becomes the world capital of infographics. As every year, the 26th Infographics World Summit will offer a special program and the book Malofiej 25 be presented, which features the works from the previous year’s event.

  • Aljaž Vindiš
  • Nadieh Bremer
  • Simon Scarr
  • Sisi Wei
  • Julius Tröger
  • Alicia Parlapiano
  • Karin Schwandt
  • Benedetta Signaroldi
  • Debra Anderson
  • Ritchie King

Price: From € 130


Show Don’t Tell!
The workshop, conducted in English, runs for three days from Sunday to Wednesday and normally has from 20 to 25 participants. The aim of the sessions is to enhance the conceptualization of infographics, their planning and the reporting, as well as fostering teamwork, above the final product itself. Participants work in teams on the projects surpervised by the instructors and give a presentation at the end of each hands on exercise.

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