Mirror Conf 2017

Braga, Portugal

MirrorConf is a conference that merges the world of design and front-end. It’s curated and organized by front-end developers and web designers and aims to be a conversation between people in this industry. It will be held in an informal setting and laid back environment, with a broad range of speakers, from UX to Accessibility experts, sharing knowledge and experiences with the participants.

10 + 11 OCT — workshops
12 + 13 OCT — main conference

  • Aras Bilgen
  • Brad Frost
  • C Todd Lombardo
  • Claudio Guglieri
  • Eduardo Bouças
  • Frank Chimero
  • Gabriel Valdivia
  • Henry Daubrez
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Rachel Andrew
  • Sara Soueidan
  • Vitaly Friedman

Price: From: € 150

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