Bringing a Customer Journey Mindset to Your Team

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About Bringing a Customer Journey Mindset to Your Team

In this UXPressia event, Marie Kolie will explore why bringing the customer journey close to all of your employees will positively impact your business, your employees, and, of course, your customers.

​Marie Kolie, Customer Success Manager at Taikonauten, will talk about how you can leverage the structure and insights generated from the customer journey to empower your internal teams to become business experts (titans if they want to).



of Taikonauten
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Marie currently works as a Customer Success Manager at Taikonauten GmbH in Berlin, where she strives to create the perfect customer experience. Marie has nine years of experience in international companies in various business areas and an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science from EM-Lyon Business School. With a background in customer insights, product management and strategic marketing, she acts as a bridge between internal teams and customers, utilizing data-driven strategies to improve business outcomes.

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