How to Fix Your Voc Program With Journey Mapping

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In this UXPressia event, Caterina Mishina will discuss the challenges of ineffective VoC programs, emphasize the importance of starting with a customer journey map, and offer insights and tools for building a more effective VoC program.

Your VoC program is clumsy, non-actionable, or may not work. It demands too many custom settings and high-quality human resources, and you don’t believe it can deliver any shippable outcomes. Give it one last chance: start from the beginning and build your VoC from CJM. ​📄 In this presentation, we are going to clarify several common problems of building an in-house VoC program: ​◽️ How do I know if my business needs a VoC program? ◽️ ​Why is customer journey map a core of my VoC program? ◽️ ​How to collect customer feedback, structure it, analyze it, interpret it, and translate it into effective actions? ◽️ ​Do I need a high-quality VoC specialist to build a program? (spoiler: no) ​Caterina Mishina, Customer Experience Leader and founder of Growth Navigator Consultant Agency, will share her approach, a CJM template you can use yourself, and some tips for handling common implementation issues.


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Caterina Mishina is a Customer Experience Leader and founder of Growth Navigator Consultant Agency. As a VoC Fairy, she drives business outcomes by enhancing customer experience. Her secret power is in a workable combination of qualitative and quantitative CX methods. She aligns customers' needs, business goals, and product growth into the strategy of success. With over 10 years of experience, she's developed successful products, cultivated customer loyalty in B2B, and coached C-suite leadership with an unwavering human-centric approach.


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