uxcon vienna 2024

  • Location
    Vienna, Austria
  • Attendance
    In-person and Online Event

About uxcon vienna 2024

uxcon vienna is an international platform for UX enthusiasts which provides high-value knowledge transfer and enlarges the network of young professionals. The aim is not only to offer space for professional exchange but also to form a bridge between the European UX scene and pioneers in the USA.

On September 19th and 20th, 2024, uxcon vienna is back for its fourth edition at Expedithalle in Vienna. They’re bringing together 600 awesome folks from all over the world to talk about user experience (UX) research and design. The conference will feature around 50 international speakers, including leaders from major organizations and experts in the field, sharing their expertise in various formats. They've got the whole UX spectrum covered - from research and design ops to product development, ethics, inclusion, career planning, leadership, and the buzzworthy topic of the moment: AI's impact on UX. And there will be sessions for every taste: quick 30-minute talks, more interactive 60-minute sessions, and deep-dive 120-minute workshops. The goal is to create an international platform for UX enthusiasts, offering valuable knowledge transfer and opportunities for networking among professionals. Additionally, uxcon vienna aims to connect the European UX scene with leading practitioners in the United States. The conference provides young professionals with the chance to learn from established experts, grow their professional networks, and advance in their careers. The world of user experience is booming, and the opportunities for innovation and career growth are off the charts! uxcon vienna is on a mission to be the go-to spot for all things UX research and design in Europe.




Absberggasse 27
1100, Vienna

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