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About International Assembly

Join industry leaders and fresh-faced pioneers for an informal and informative 2-day online conference.

Join us at International Assembly 🗺️ An informal and informative 2-day online conference. Day 1 🔓 2 November 2023 🎐 Yuri Suzuki (Pentagram) 🎐 Gina Guasch Team 🎐 The Royal Studio 🎐 Phillip Kim 🎐 House of Gül Day 2 🔓9 November 2023 🎐 Zach Lieberman 🎐 Angela Kirkwood 🎐 Hubertus Design 🎐 Studio Dumbar/DEPT 🎐 Johanna Burai 🎐 Mouthwash Studio Fulfil your curiosity by learning new skills through a 2-day workshop: 🪐 ‘Expressing the Self in the Digital Age’ with Sarah Mayer 🪐 ‘Cooking up a poster’ with Suzy Chan 🪐 ‘Shape Shifting through AI’ with Soyun Park 🪐 ‘Chat GPType’ with Pangram Pangram 🪐 ‘Still life’ with Christophe Gaudard (3-day workshop) 🪐 ‘Design in multi-dimensions’ with XT Projects 🪐 ‘Ideas to Brands’ with OMSE 🪐 ‘Lettering design’ with Cihan Tamti



Early Bird £34/£44 Regular £38/£54

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