The Design + Data Summit

About The Design + Data Summit

You’re a designer, not a data scientist! And yet you have to work with data: you use it to construct documents like directories, price lists, or product catalogs; explain it with charts, graphs, and infographics; present it in slide decks or annual reports. The Design + Data Summit is an event for designers who work with data.

Topics Include: Using design to tell a data story Personalized print and digital direct marketing for mail, email, and social media Simplifying your story with infographics Choosing a graph or chart style based on the data How to work with the people who actually understand the data Data Merge with InDesign + Illustrator + Photoshop + more From big data to great design Excel for designers (yes, you can do it!) Building presentations with data in PowerPoint and Google Slides Automating InDesign: from desktop to server farm Creating catalogs, directories, ads, price lists, and more… fast!


2-day pass — non-members: $695 2-day pass — members*: $595

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