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Join designFAO for a thrilling event exploring Design Systems, Web3, AI, and Coaching. Hear from influential leaders like Hany Rizk, Nuno Loureiro, and Kim Tang on the future of Web3 and its impact on design. Bruno Recht will discuss how AI transforms the industry for more efficient designs. Learn from experts like Romina Kavcic on building and scaling design systems for the digital landscape. Engage in a discussion led by Bruno on the future of design as a profession. Get practical advice from coaches and career experts Stephen Gates, Kate Pincott, and Tom Scott to boost your design career. The designFAO 2023 conference promises to be an inspiring, informative, and valuable experience for designers, creatives, and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the best in the business and connect with peers and industry leaders. Register today and join us for an unforgettable event!


Learn more about Stephen Gates

Stephen is a global design leader building world-class organizations that integrate research, data, and behavioural science with human-centred design methods to drive a long-term vision and near-term business impact. He is currently the founder of CRZY, an independent strategy, design, and inspiration studio helping companies find a new vision and purpose for their brands, digital experiences, creativity, and existence. Previously worked at InVision, Citi, Starwood Hotels, WW, and McCann Erickson, building teams that created award-winning global advertising campaigns, multiple Fortune 100 brands, and innovative digital experiences. He shares what he has learned through his international speaking engagements and his award-winning podcast, The Crazy One, which explores issues that matter to creatives, including leadership, creativity, career development, innovation, and more.

Stephen Gates speaks about Exist Loudly: How to build a breakthrough career

Exist Loudly: How to build a breakthrough career
For too many of us, if we are honest, we know that the company we work for is dysfunctional, you aren’t sure where your career is going, you are trying to feel more creative, and you never admit to any of those problems in public. Right now, as creative people, we can affect business and create careers in ways we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution, yet too many of us don’t know how to get our voices heard, demonstrate our value, or do what we love. In this personal and interactive keynote, Stephen Gates will share the challenges, insights, and solutions he learned over his career as a designer and global design leader.

of Reality Prototyping
Learn more about Kate Pincott

Kate is Head of Design at Mattereum a Legal Tech start up regenerating the circular economy by passporting physical assets on chain, and founder of 'Reality Prototyping, a coaching program for Product Designers. Kate aspires to the Calmtech movement, slow living in the countryside and running an Art atelier with her husband, Nafisi Studio. Kate is moved to inspire the next generation of designers to speak from their intuition as we attempt to fix the most pressing challenge of our era, the Climate Crisis. Kate has worked at Facebook, Ustwo London and Pentagram NYC and lectured at Config Europe, UAL, Memorisely and Hyper Island.

Kate Pincott speaks about Name & Reframe

Name & Reframe
How Design coaching can help you to level up! Explore reframing your conversions, self-talk and presentations to different audiences and stakeholders How to reflect, land your message and grow influence with your wider team with your manager and within yourself

Learn more about Tom Scott

Tom Scott is the co-founder of Fearless, a design group, who's worked with 100+ design leaders in 46 countries to build and scale design teams.

Tom Scott speaks about 5 Steps to Build a Great Design Career

5 Steps to Build a Great Design Career
In this talk, Tom will explore 5 actionable steps you can take to become a great designer, be oversubscribed with opportunities and be a voice in the design industry to effect change and reach your mission and purpose.

of Design For Good Club
Learn more about Kim Tang

Kim is dedicated to designing a better world, one pixel at a time. She elevates the online presence of brands that are doing their bit to put purpose before profit. The aspiration: to make the sustainable option the only option.

Kim Tang speaks about You're a bad designer

You're a bad designer
A message about our duty as designers in the current world, facing today's challenges. A look at how ChatGPT, the climate crisis, the metaverse etc... should make you think twice about why, how, what and who you design for.

of Porsche Digital
Learn more about Bruno Recht

Bruno is a product designer and researcher with a strong interest in solving complex problems that both serve the user and the business. Turning conceptual ideas into product designs that address strategic and tactical goals. Leading the Product Design and Research for SOUNCE by Porsche Digital, an AI-enabled web app to recognize anomalies in a production and development environment. This project was the foundation for creating my AI Incubation Canvas framework, which enables teams to plan holistic AI solutions collaboratively. Recently launched Designflix, a UX Career Course that enables designers to get a job as UX designers or allow them to get a promotion in their existing role.

Bruno Recht speaks about The impact of AI on product design

The impact of AI on product design
The impact of AI on product design will educate the listener about what AI is, what it can do, which challenges come with it, and how to overcome them. It will be a non-technical introduction for designers.

Learn more about Romina Kavcic

Romina is a design strategist with 15+ years of experience in digital product design for leading brands like, OUTFIT7,, and Bird Buddy. She specializes in product design and design systems, advising and coaching companies to develop cohesive strategies that drive business growth through design. You can find her cycling through the woods or tinkering with the LEGOs when she's not busy advocating for design.

Romina Kavcic speaks about R(E)volution of Design Systems

R(E)volution of Design Systems
Is using AI helping us make a revolution or evolution in building design systems? With new technologies, the design process changes constantly. How can we use AI to optimize our work, use algorithms' power to analyze data, and make better strategic decisions and personalized experiences? Will we get to one source of truth quicker? Let's find out.

of Ethereum Foundation
Learn more about Nuno Loureiro

Designer for over 20 years with an extensive experience in product design, now dives into the crypto universe challenges right down the rabbit hole.

Nuno Loureiro speaks about web2 to web3 pitfalls and opportunities

web2 to web3 pitfalls and opportunities
It can be debatable, but we are preparing ourselves for a new phase of the internet, the web3. We as designers need to be at the forefront of products to try to avoid the mistakes of the past. In this Talk, I will highlight some errors and reveal some opportunities for designers in the unparallel times.

of No BS
Learn more about Hany Rizk

Hany is a Berlin-based designer with roots in the startup world. He is the founder of No BS, a UX and product studio with an emphasis on Web3 and meaningful tech. He is also the co-founder of Frahm, the metaverse frame maker. Over the past 15 years, he has built and launched products and services in Mobility, Healthtech, Sustainability, Foodtech, Media, Web3, and other industries. His previous startup, Somuchmore, was acquired by Urban Sports Club. Utilizing a mix of Lean UX, Design Thinking, and business realism, Hany aims to cut out the BS from processes and instead focus on iteration and valuable results.

Hany Rizk speaks about Designing for Degens: How To Create Friendly Experiences in Web3

Designing for Degens: How To Create Friendly Experiences in Web3
Web3 UX is BS. Blockchain technology has many technical differences when compared to Web 2.0, and these imply different user flows and mental models. How can designers transition into Web3? How can they run user research on a pseudonymous target audience? And how can they create a meaningful and friendly user experience within such a technical and high-risk context?

of OutSystems
Learn more about Bruno Figueiredo

I started my career freelancing for cultural projects and small businesses, but even before that, I was introduced to design through computerized textile design in my family's business. Then for 6 years I grew and developed cultural projects around music, co-directing an online magazine called Culturarte and eventually organizing music shows through Sofar Sounds. Since 2016 I've been working at OutSystems, a visual coding platform company, helping the company brand and design practices to grow and scale. I am now leading a team of creatives and trying to grow a truly global design organization. On the side I've been helping grow the Figma Community, handling the Portuguese chapter, and leading the moderation of the official community on Discord. My most recent side-project is called Design is for Everyone, DifE for short. In this project, I'm going to fight for a more democratized and open practice of our profession, building several assets from podcasts, interviews, and videos, to free design courses and even an attempt at a worldwide census of the state of Design as a profession. All of this in the name of #opendesign.

Bruno Figueiredo speaks about Is Design a job of the Future?

Is Design a job of the Future?
What will happen to design now that AI can draw App UIs, generate elaborate images and even produce live code? What happens when the tools of the trade shift faster, and schools need to keep up with the change? What will design and designing mean 5, 10, or 20 years in the future? In this panel, let’s discuss our industry's changing reality and what design will become in this new era.


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