UX Conversations: Amber Lundy

About UX Conversations: Amber Lundy

Design Expert Amber Lundy talks about her career in Advanced Concept Design. She shares insights about AI and Machine-Learning enhanced Product Development, but also about corporate leadership communication and her work in a strategic design role.

In the first episode of ‘UX Conversations’ jury member Amber Lundy, Director of Product Design at Ford Electric Vehicles, talks about the current developments in her work field and her personal development. Having grown up at the intersection of creativity, arts, and coding, Amber shares insights on years of experience of designing for complex digital projects and advanced concept design for some of the world’s largest corporations. How can advanced design influence positive outcomes? How does one grow into a strategic design role? Which abilities are necessary to influence corporate leadership? And how does designing for AI-driven experiences differ from non-ML-enhanced product development? In this conversation, Amber shares her thoughts and outlook on a quickly changing work field embedded between strategy, creativity, and technology. The Guest: Amber Lundy is a design leader working on the intersection of advanced concept design and designing for AI-driven experiences. Her upbringing spans multiple countries and her training spans design spaces, originating in industrial design and computer-mediated communications before branching into UX and transmedia art. Over the years she has led design and conception for products at startups and big tech giants such as Emotient Analytics, Raytheon Websense, Apple, and Amazon. Today, her broad design practice has come together to focus on driving deep-rooted change, unlocking new customer value, and manifesting emergent experiences. Amber is also a member of the jury for the UX Design Awards – Autumn 2023. About the Format: UX Conversations presents professional insights and personal stories by leading design personalities and the awards jury members. The one-on-one talks offer inspiration and valuable takeaways from diverse disciplines and professional fields, supporting designers in their own work and career. Presented by Ake Rudolf, Head of Strategy / Award Director, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ)


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