Post Design Tangle CHAPTER 2: SELF

The Post Design Tangle comes to Oslo for two inspiring days with a workshop, an exhibition, and an international symposium about graphic design and visual communication, 23-24 September. The festival will fill the Grafill house and the nearby gallery space, Podium with people from all over the world to listen, question, share and talk about the visual communicator’s role in society. Join in on the conversation!

Spanning two years, four locations, and a patchworked, online hub, the Post Design Tangle is a bind that ties together communities across the Nordics and the digital world; it’s an informal circuit of flashing cables and intimate, in-person conversations. In four chapters, the festival takes us deep into the theme of “entanglement,” where we’ll unravel the intersections, interconnections, and invisible strings that give shape to our visual and political surroundings. The second chapter, SELF, will take place from 23–24 September 2022 in central Oslo, Norway, bringing together four wildly inspiring designers and an artists' collective for two intense days. Co-organized and hosted by Grafill, the festival will investigate how the body, personal identity and the situated knowledge of the self/selves can inform the work of designers and artists. Reduced ticket prices are available for members of Grafill and design students. The Post Design Tangle is generously funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, the Danish Arts Foundation.


Learn more about Noam Youngrak Son

Noam Youngrak Son often physically inserts themselves in their work in a simultaneously personal and performative manner. Based in Ghent, praciticing communication design and deviant, queer publishing, they attempt to convey the stories of marginalized bodies which often include that of themselves into designed forms that do not conform to the cis-hetero-normative and colonial power structure. They inscribe myths for the underrepresented in various mediums, from books to public workshops to 3D printed sex toys. Noam’s talk at the tangle will be centered around domesticity as a method to resist the temptation for scale and spectacle and instead attempt to distribute the authority of a designer so that they’re no longer a singular and divine creator but a social being entangled in collective creative processes.

Learn more about Nushin Yazdani

How designed interfaces and AI impacts us as individuals is entangled with our personal identities. Berlin based transformation designer, artist and AI design researcher Nushin Yazdani works at the intersection of machine learning, design justice and intersectional feminist practices, and writes about the systems of oppression of the present and the possibilities of just and free futures. Through experimental online spaces such as the AI research, advocacy and art platform Dreaming Beyond AI, Nushin critically promotes the collective reimagination of better futures. Image: Dreaming Beyond AI is a collaborative project by Nushin Yazdani, R. Buse Çetin, Iyo Bisseck and Sarah Diedro Jordão, created in partnership with ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen).

Learn more about Tenthaus

Artist Jacky Jaan-Yuan Kuo and artistic researcher Valentina Martinez will join us at the tangle to represent the Oslo based art collective Tenthaus. Itself a tangle of artistic outputs, Tenthaus currently encompasses both a project room and an exhibition space, a mobile studio, and a wide range of curatorial projects. They focus on local contexts exploring collectivity and inclusion through different forms of engagement. As a collective Tenthaus reimagines themselves and what it means to be artists working with the public, and what makes a relevant socially engaged practice today. How is the practice of the individual informed by participation in open co-creation, collective discussion and community lead environments?

Learn more about Sophie Douala

Sophie Douala is a Berlin based, France raised, Cameroon born artist and creative director specialised in storytelling and creative campaigns. In her practice and life, she seeks to explore the interplay between a formal visual language and its cognitive and emotional affect. Sophie's aesthetics are both very personal and immediately inviting to the audience, mixing the painful with the colorful, and politics with beauty. Currently with a solo exhibition at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, we are excited to learn more about how and why Sophie Douala inserts herself in her complex and immersive work when she takes the stage at the Post Design Tangle in Oslo.

Learn more about TBA

Hang on tight as we are about to announce the final speaker for the Oslo Tangle!


Workshop: regular 400 NOK / reduced price 100 NOK. Symposium: regular 400 NOK / reduced price 100 NOK.


Møllergata 39
0179, Oslo

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Workshops at Post Design Tangle CHAPTER 2: SELF

Chimera Gastronomy: Malleable flesh, amalgamated bodies, and plastic kinship' with Noam Youngrak Son
23 Sep 2022 - 24 Sep 2022
In Noam Youngrak Son's workshop 'Chimera Gastronomy: Malleable flesh, amalgamated bodies, and plastic kinship', the group works individually and collectively on a large malleable body sculpture. During the creative process, identities, gender and notions surrounding ethics are discussed and reflected. The co-created sculpture is thus a translation of our collective and personal struggles, interspecies discoveries and political feelings around bodies in this society. The result of the workshop is a so-called Chimera: a living being that arises from cell mixing — a collective visual(ised) identity of sorts.
Price: 400 NOK

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