MakeFest is a month-long festival celebrating the creative process from inspiration to making shit happen and sharing it with the world. Curated by Anton Wade.

Theme 1— INSPIRATION & IDEATION Are you struggling with inspiration? Being a creative is hard, we get it. Between meetings and errands, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. We’re all wired differently and getting inspired in different ways as well, some seek the social calling and others prefer the solitude of a walk. This will be your chance to open your mind and get the ideas flowing. Theme 2 — GETTING SHIT DONE Do you find the biggest hurdle stopping you from chasing your goals is yourself? Processes, hacks, tricks, systems, whatever you want to call it, this is the place to learn what works for you and when to say no. Theme 3 — SHARING & CARING What’s holding you back from pressing publish? With the multiple ways we can share what we create, the hardest part isn’t exposure anymore. It’s having the courage to put ourselves out to be judged. Come learn how your heroes share their work and how to grow the spirit to get comfortable sharing your own work. Talks 👇 Lucie Kim → THINGS THAT TRANSFORM Michelle Dona → GETTING SHIT DONE WHILE STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS Sam Izzet → EVOLVE OR DIE Matthew Jones → OUR COLLECTIVE AGENCY ON THE FUTURE Emily Theodore → THE MODERN PIN-UP PechaKucha London → PECHAKUCHA DESIGN FOR PLANET Chloe Poulter → IMAGINATION PROMPTS MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson → CREATIVE PROCESS, DREAM JOB & FAILURE Najma T. → THE CREATIVITY CREAMERY Workshops 👇 Alexandra Lunn → IDENTIFYING YOUR BRAND VALUES AND STANDING OUT ONLINE Andy Judd → MEANING BEHIND THE MARK Laura Bertinelli → COLLAGE TOGETHER Anton Wade → FIND YOUR CREATIVE SUPERPOWER



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