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Boston, USA

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Now more than ever, designers have the opportunity to change the world. HOW? A new paradigm is emerging that asks not what the future holds for design, but questions HOW we want to live as a society. Designers have the unique ability to envision, design, and imagine a better world. Massive shifts are underway for brands in the areas of sustainability, circularity, politics, activism, cultural movements, big data, and emerging technology, but HOW do we thrive in a world disrupted by so much change?

Now, we as a community need to adapt and thrive in this new paradigm, and we’re here to provide you with the knowledge to guide you in this ever-changing and dynamic industry. 2020 marks 30 years of HOW Design Live, and we invite you to join us to envision the next 30 years to help create a brand new era that we will design together.


  • Chase Jarvis
  • Boyuan Gao and Jahan Mantin
  • Stephen Gates
  • Johnny Cupcakes
  • Cey Adams
  • Emily Oberman
  • Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher
  • and many more.


Hynes Convention Center
900 Boylston Street
MA 02115, Boston

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