About Digitized

Digital Design Conference in Athens, Greece brings together, inform and inspire the digital design community.

Digitized is a series of events that includes several workshops and a conference, taking place once a year in Athens, Greece. Its purpose is to bring together, inform and inspire the digital design community. Now on its fourth year, Digitized is a dynamic and exciting event that has never fallen short of exciting its audience.

In its past three editions Digitized has hosted an amazing group of what is thought off, as the "digital elite" including names such as Fantasy Interactive, Serial Cut, Media Monks, Unit9, Hinderling Volkart, R/GA, Northern Kingdom and Hi-ReS!

Quite quickly Digitized has become the largest digital scene conference in the region of Southeastern Europe. If you are interested in terms such as content, usability and design, act fast and grab a ticket now!


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