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About AGI Open Rotterdam

AGI OPEN 2019 is in progress! Nothing is finished. Everything is changing. AGI OPEN 2019 embraces the unpolished, the unfinished, the insecure, the quest... We are not a conference. We are a festival! One full day of meeting friends and colleagues during inspiring talks and workshops hosted in ten venues around a quaint square in Rotterdam. No one knows where the future brings us, in the meanwhile WE CREATE! Let’s celebrate the unknown.

In the philosophy that multiple smaller experiences are richer than one huge mega event AGI OPEN 2019 breaks with a linear line up of speakers. Offering a different approach AGI OPEN 2019 will be a solid one day festival in its core meaning. A festive celebration of the richness, expression, and appearance in anything related to graphic design and visual communication. Packed with lectures, talks, panel discussions, informative sit-ins, informal meet and greets and workshops. A hang out for genuine graphic design aficionados, sprinkled with good food and good drinks. IN PROGRESS is spread over ten different locations all within walking distance, located in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. This area was formally known for attracting home-sick sailors, but it is now one of the liveliest parts of the city. Each location has its own particular charm, from very intimate to bustling public areas. AGI Open is an annual conference for students and professionals that coincides with the annual AGI members’ congress. AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) brings together the prominent graphic designers of the world. AGI is an organization whose origin goes back to Paris in 1852, when it was born with the aim of sharing experiences and knowledge about the work of graphic design in the world.


  • Huda AbiFarès
  • Erik Adigard
  • Cordula Alessandri
  • Peter Bankov
  • Peter Bilak
  • Erik Brandt
  • Sigrid Calon
  • Eva Dijkstra
  • Fan Ding
  • Liza Enebeis
  • Jianping Fang
  • Mark Gowing
  • April Greiman
  • Joost Grootens
  • Stefan Guzy
  • Hansje van Halem
  • Karin van der Heiden
  • Anna Lena von Helldorff
  • Alex Jordan
  • Na Kim
  • Matthias Kreutzer
  • Henrik Kubel
  • Harmen Liemburg
  • Luna Maurer
  • Bruno Maag
  • Paul Mijksenaar
  • Fidel Peugeot
  • Brian Rea
  • Lex Reitsma
  • Pooroni Rhee
  • Tereza Ruller
  • Paula Scher
  • Jens Schildt
  • Niels Schrader
  • David Smith
  • Ariane Spanier
  • Jon Sueda
  • Joost Swarte
  • Lucille Tenazas
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Alice Twemlow
  • Martin Venezky
  • Henning Wagenbreth
  • Min Wang
  • Markus Weisbeck
  • Björn Wiede
  • Jan Wilker
  • Marina Willer
  • Pepijn Zurburg


Students: €65 Professionals: €125


Locations include Walhalla Theater, Walhalla Kantine, Belvedere Verhalenhuis, Zaak Acht, Ciderloods, Music Factory, Kaapse Brouwers, Tattoo Bob and the Fenix Loods!
., Rotterdam

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