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Geneva will welcome the 15th edition of the Mapping Festival from May 23 to May 26. A unique platform of diffusion in Switzerland, the festival is now considered as a major event in the field of digital art and enjoys an international reputation. Each year, the festival offers a rich variety of events and activities which bring to light the artistic potential of new technologies: workshops, audio-visual performances, exhibition, live, round tables, panel, DJ sets, etc. The festival is really one of a kind. Plus, this year, most events are free or “pay-what-you-want”.

The Mapping Festival was founded by Boris Edelstein, creator of Modul8 in 2005. The VJing computer program has since then become an emblematic software used by thousands of people around the world. As for the festival, it was an immediate success and flourished very quickly.

workshops: code, data, vr, ar and any other -r

Creating opportunities for participation and hands-on learning, mapping festival has once again partnered with the digital art and culture platform to host an eclectic set of exercises in cross-disciplinary practice. over the course of twelve workshops, lead by key artists, designers, and researchers.
  • Critically examine network infrastructures (joana moll)
  • Hack museums and data politics (nora al-badri)
  • Construct energy-free crystal radios (coralie gourguechon)
  • Prototype post-screen interfaces (n o r m a l s & neeeu)
  • Craft 360° audiovisual experiences (zhdk’s immersive lab)
  • Re-purpose tech for quirky sound machines (maria yablonina & mitchell akiyama)
  • Build AR face filters (johanna jaskowska)
  • Jam with code, nodes, shaders, and leds (ted davis, mxzehn, leander herzog, michael ang)
  • Swap scents with our neighbours (klara ravat)


  • Alexandre Monnin
  • Benjamin Gaulon
  • Coralie Gourguechon
  • Daniel Bisig
  • Jan Schacher
  • Joana Moll – Johanna Jasjowska
  • Klara Ravat
  • Leander Herzog
  • Luc Meier
  • Marc Garrett
  • Maria Yablonina
  • Michael Ang
  • Mitchell Akiyama
  • Nathalie Bachand
  • Neeeu
  • Nicolas Nova
  • N O R M A L S
  • Nora Al-Badri
  • Romain Tardy
  • Stefan Kraus
  • Simon Laroche
  • Regine Debatty
  • Tatiana Bazzichelli
  • Acid Kunt (DJ set)
  • Audrey Danza (DJ set)
  • Dandy Jack (DJ set)
  • Dominique Sirois & Baron Lanteigne (expo)
  • Estebahn (DJ set)
  • Frédérique Laliberté (expo)
  • Freeka Tet (perf AV)
  • Grand River & Marco C (perf AV)
  • Julie Tremble (expo)
  • Julien Boily (expo)
  • Kayne the Hermit (DJ set)
  • Lauren Huret (expo)
  • Lukas Truniger & Nicola Hein (expo)
  • Opuswerk (DJ set)
  • Projet EVA (expo)
  • Recent Arts (perf AV)
  • Simon & Romain de Diesbach (expo)
  • Temiri (DJ set)
  • Tobias (DJ set)
  • Tundra (perf AV)




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