-ing creative festival 2019

📍 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

-ing creative festival is about generating creativity and inspiration, gathering talents from all over the world to re-enforce the creative community. It is about inspiring, networking and generating. (and having fun in the process). -ing is a creative community based in Dubai. They unlock your creative potential through talks, workshops, and networking sessions.

🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

  • Tamara Abdul Hadi
  • Siddharth Muthyala
  • Shahin Haghjou
  • Sara Raza
  • Nicole Hendrix
  • Natasha Jen
  • Missy Dempsey
  • Michael Szivos
  • Marta Cerdà
  • Kristyan Sarkis
  • Jun Kamei
  • Josh Herman
  • Hussain Almossawi
  • Firas Abou
  • Carolin Wanitzek
  • Anna Glansén

🎟 Tickets

From $320 (early bird $180)

📇 Organization

Official event website

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