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    Beirut, Lebanon
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About Hours Beirut

Hours Beirut is a three day exploration through talks, workshops, music and food on how maintenance and the act of maintaining can be understood in the context of new innovation and creativity.

CITY EXPLORATION - An insider's guide to the history, architecture, food, art and contemporary life of Beirut. Includes tours and pop up talks.

SEMINAR - Full day with talks, workshops and conversations at the Antwork co-working space. Starting with food, ending with more food.

MUSIC - A unique, 12-hour seamless music experience, curated and organized by film music composer Nathan Larson and local music authority Ziad Nawfal. It’s called LUMEN PROJECT/ RUPTURED and will be announced in more depth during the spring.

Call For CFP / CPS

Deadline April 4, 2019. Apply to present

Pricing details

Early Bird - $30/$300
Bird - $40/$400
Walk up - $50/$500

The Regular $300-500 ticket is for established companies and organisations. The Discounted $30-$50 is ticket for students and independent culture workers.




  • Arianne Orillac
  • Maya Terro
  • Jesper Danielsson


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