Dibi Conference

About Dibi Conference

DIBI : Design It; Build It is a international digital conferences for designers & developers for those shaping the future of the web. This editions the conference is celebrating risk taking, encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and ask what we can learn when things do go wrong.




  • Vibha Bamba
  • Stephanie Stimac
  • Santini Basra
  • Hazel Wyllie
  • Helle Jensen
  • Gordon McLachlan
  • Mark Shahid
  • Andrew Purnell
  • Daniel Duke
  • Chris Downer
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Gavin Strange


£40 Student Inc. VAT @20% £160 Regular Ticket Inc. VAT @20% £280 Two Ticket Deal Inc. VAT @20% Get two regular tickets for £140 (including VAT) each


The Hub
348-350 Castlehill
EH1 2NE, Edinburgh

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