Antwerp Poster Festival

📍 Antwerp, Belgium

The Inaugural edition of Antwerp Poster Festival is an event aimed at promoting graphic design and creative thinking in Antwerp. With its international appeal, Antwerp Poster Festival strives to showcase a broad spectrum of styles and visions in the field of graphic design.

Open Call

For the first edition we want to know what drives you the most as a designer. That’s why we ask you to: Show Your Colours.

Because this is a wide topic, we are convinced this is a huge opportunity to question yourself. What’s the thing you like the most? Or what’s the thing you really hate? Do you have a minimalistic approach or do you find aesthetics in chaos? Do you work digitally or manually? Do you feel the need to respond to politic events? Are your designs colourful or rather monochromatic,…? There are tons of questions you can ask yourself about your design practice.

We at APF are very curious about your point of view. So prepare your posters and show your colours! The posters can be autonomous or made for a client.


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