Clarity 2018

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    New York, United States
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About Clarity 2018

Clarity is the first conference fully dedicated to design systems (which includes style guides, pattern libraries, CSS frameworks, and design operations). While the focus is on design systems, past sessions have also included related topics like accessibility, motion design, and performance.

Clarity was founded in 2014 by Jina Anne, a design systems advocate, and practitioner. The first and second event was held in 2016 & 2017 in San Francisco. The third year, 2018, will be held in New York City.



  • John Maeda
  • Brad Frost
  • Amélie Lamont
  • Dan Mall
  • Hamish Smyth
  • Jennifer Hom
  • Jesse Reed
  • Julie Horvath
  • Kim Williams
  • Michelle Alvarez
  • Sarah Drasner
  • Sharon Steed
  • Yasmine Evjen
  • Yesenia Perez-Cruz
  • Drew Bridewell
  • Katie Sylor-Miller
  • Nathan Curtis
  • Natalya Shelburne
  • Jina Anne


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