LADFEST 2018 Latin American Design Festival

📍 Lima, Peru

Fourth edition of Latin American Design Festival LADFEST. The most important gathering in Lima with the most recognized designers from Latin America and the world. LADFEST will be held in Museo de la Nación in Lima. A festival with lectures, workshops, talent awards and much more.

Like previous editions, the festival will feature lectures, workshops, exhibitions, Design Market, and Young Talent, a selection of the best Latin American designers and creatives up to 30 years old, will present their projects at the festival. LADFEST seeks to promote the visual arts in the continent, creating a community space for professionals, students and enthusiasts of visual communication and design.

The event is organized by LAD (Latin American Design) and IS Creative Studio


  • Paula Scher Pentagram (USA)
  • Mcbess (Francia/Reino Unido)
  • DIA (USA)
  • Studio Furious (Francia)
  • TypeTogether (Argentina/República Checa)
  • Zavalita Brand Building
  • OrtnerSchinko - A Creative Studio (Austria)
  • vm& estudio gráfico (Perú/Alemania)

Young Talent 2018:

  • Asís (Argentina)
  • Natalia Jaso (México)
  • Amateur(dot)rocks (Argentina)
  • Aarón Martínez(México)
  • Sophia Ramirez(Guatemala)

🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

  • Paula Scher
  • Mcbess
  • DIA
  • Studio Furious
  • TypeTogether
  • Zavalita Brand Building
  • OrtnerSchinko
  • vm& estudio gráfico
  • Asís
  • Natalia Jaso
  • Amateur(dot)rocks
  • Aarón Martínez
  • Sophia Ramirez

🎟 Tickets

Early Bird 75$ / Regular $95 / Late $105
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