📍 Liege, Belgium

Second edition of Fig. an international graphic design festival in Belgium. With exhibition, conferences, lectures, workshop, projection and more.

Lectures are in France. Some in English.

Participants: High on type, OSP, Olivier Dengis, Studio Meta, Speculoos, OR Type, Building Paris, Studio Spass, Hey Studio, Hélène Mourrier, Roxanne Marrier, Sara De Bondt, Structure Bâton, Benoît Bodhuin, Ines Cox, Studio Debie, Erbery, François Godin, François Müller, Jan & Randoald, PLMD, Loraine Furter, Signes du quotidien, Stereo Buro, Villa Hermosa, VTF, Warriors Studio

🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

  • Speculoos
  • Or Type
  • Studio Meta
  • Building Paris
  • Studio Spass
  • Hey Studio
  • Sara De Bondt
  • Roxanne Maillet
  • Hélène Mourrier

🎟 Tickets

Free Entrance

📇 Organization

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