​Torino Graphic Days

Turin, Italy

Torino Graphic Days is a festival to celebrate creativity, visual design and graphic experimentation. This second edition is an introduction to international icons of visual design through a 4 day-program of workshops, talks, performances, exhibitions, market and much more.

Price: All the talks are free, but the Eventbrite registration is required.

The 2017 festival’s edition aims at analysing, sharing and amplifying the influence of visual communication to represent the plurality of our contemporary world.
Graphic design is an universal communication tool: it overcomes both linguistic and cultural barriers of different countries. Each culture is characterized by a visual heritage which includes globally recognized symbols both as expressions of a specific identity or as universal concepts. Universal Identities gathers pictures belonging to different cultures: it splits them, it take them out of context and manipulates them to create a collection of interlocking elements that multiplies the scenarios of universal communication.

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