International type design festival Typetersburg

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Annual international event for professional graphic designers. The festival’s program will include exhibitions and workshops of renowned international designers. Conference with two lecture days will take place on the August 5—6th. Every year in Saint Petersburg during the close of famous white nights, Typetersburg gathers local and international professional design community. Two conference days are visited by 500+ designers all around the world, so that they have an opportunity to communicate, exchange experience and discuss of modern type design and technologies

  • Göran Söderström
  • Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer
  • Vincent De Boer
  • Baptiste Guesnon
  • Gayaneh Bagdasaryan
  • Stas Akinfin
  • Philipp Neumeyer
  • Vladimir Krichevsky
  • Eugene Yukechev
  • Dmitry Karpov
  • Mathias Jespersen
  • Jonas Hecksher
  • Pokras Lampas

Price: €40

Language of the conference is English. All speeches in Russian will be translated synchronously into English


33 Posters From Netherlands
The Best Books From Germany 2016.

  • Experimental Calligraphy For Professional Calligraphers by Vincent De Boer
  • Introduction To Type Design With Glyphs 2
  • Multiple Masters & Variable Fonts With Glyphs 2 by Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer

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