Design Matters 17

Copenhagen, Denmark

Design Matters is a conference on new movements in Digital Design. It brings together design practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world for two days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.

This year’s conference themes are: Conversational UI, Spreading the Product Design DNA and Embrace Failure!

  • Karoline K
  • Rahul Sen
  • Hazel Jennings
  • Molly Nix
  • Andy Law
  • Nicholas Felton
  • Bojana Jamborcic
  • Adam Cutler
  • Brent Palmer
  • Amy Roberts
  • Matias Søndergaard
  • Jason Foo
  • Michael König
  • Katy Tsai & Maria Iu
  • Space10

Price: € 805

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