One Day Out 2017

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    Odense, Denmark
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About One Day Out 2017

One Day Out is an international single day conference held in the heart of Denmark, Odense. The goal of the conference is to gather people for a day of inspiration and meeting new people. With speakers, from all over the world, sharing their stories, experiences and/or show some of their greatest work.

Read our 2016 interview with Thomas Kjaergaard, co-organizer at One Day Out.


The conference is a non-profit initiative by the community. DEVDK is a Danish online community with a Slack channel of 700+ users. All profit we get will be put into next years conference and other community initiatives.


  • Nicki Sprinz
  • Josh Brewer
  • Aude Degrassat
  • Rikke Koblauch
  • Jenny Johanneson
  • Joel Kalifa


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