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About Internet Age Media

Third IAM Weekend offers the future of niche communication, the randomness of internet culture, the middle of an exciting decade, within the theme: Renaissance of Utopias.


  • Day 1 Thu. Apr 27:
    Warm-up event & Welcome Cocktail/Dinner (Pro & Speakers)
  • Day 2 Fri. Apr 28:
    Talks & Networking sessions
  • Day 3 Sat. Apr 29:
    Talks, Networking sessions & closing party
  • Day 4 Sun. Apr 30:
    Workshops & Masterclasses, Talent Market

Sessions topics & questions

  • Post-Contemporary
    How can we redefine arts and the creative process to respond to the non-linear, complex nature of our networked society?
  • Post-Work
    How will automation change our conception of work? What role could ideas like universal basic income play in societies? What should happen after capitalism?
  • Post-Advertising
    How can creativity evolve beyond commercial, contradictory "creative industries"? How can we empower youth? What opportunities would this mean for the futures of work and education?
  • Post-Labels
    How do we encourage a coexistence of generations, identities and disciplines going forward? How can we use the internet to challenge cultural stereotypes and embrace more sustainable planetary thinking?
  • Post-Reality
    With the evolution of virtual, mixed and augmented reality, and the influence of post-truth politics and agnotology, what happens to our perception of reality?


  • Zygmunt Bauman (Tribute)
  • Albert Cañigueral
  • Caia Hagel
  • Félix Magal
  • Bruce Sterling
  • Vanessa Wruble
  • Amani Al-Khatahtbeh
  • Per Christiansen
  • Nathan Jurgenson
  • Ricarda Messner
  • Jasmina Tešanović
  • Eliza Anyangwe
  • Omid Habibi
  • Amal Khalaf
  • Straith Schreder
  • Cecilia Tham
  • More tba...



Mercat de les Flors
C/ de Lleida, 59
08004, Barcalona

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