8 Design Conferences to attend in Belgium 🇧🇪

Belgium is known for its decadent chocolate, “ugly houses”, Tintin and Trappist beers… But in the past decade, Belgium became the country to go to when you want to know what’s coming next in any creative field.

The extremely popular KIKK Festival grew every year and hosted over 30.000 participants in 2019 alone. Us By Night introduced in 2016 a new vision on what a creativity festival could look like. And is highly successful with this new concept. Just like and&, but in different venues. Fig. Festival International de Graphisme, Integrated Conference and Antwerp Poster Festival explore the wide range of styles and visions in the field of graphic design. One-day festival Bump combines it all with 7 inspirational talks! New in 2020 is Creative Voices a conference on leaderschip in design.

What all these annual festivals have in common it’s that they are community-driven, inclusive, designed to have interaction, the interaction between participants, speakers and the local community. Which design festival in Belgium are you attending in 2020?

KIKK Festival — Namur

KIKK Festival
KIKK Festival Photo: KIKK Festival

KIKK is a multi-track festival on the intersection of art, science & tech to explore the economic and artistic implications of new technologies. With the conference is on Thursday and Friday, and several exhibitions open to the next Sunday. In 2020 KIKK celebrated its 10th anniversary. 🎉

Us by Night — Antwerp

us by night
Us by Night Photo: Us by Night

Antwerp-based design and creativity festival turned into a unique night experience. With a lineup of 70+ artists and an endless market, it's guaranteed to provide you 3 nights you don't want to miss. In 2020 Us by Night celebrates their 5th anniversary 🎉

And& — Leuven

and& Photo: and&

Biennial and& is a summit and festival at the intersection of health, high-tech, and creativity, curated for the curious. and& champions a well-selected collage of thinkers, inventors, entrepreneurs, citizens, and artists of all backgrounds.

Fig. Festival International de Graphisme — Liège

Fig. Photo: Fig.

A graphic design festival that offers talks, exhibitions, workshops, and round tables. The objective of this event is to discover the many facets of contemporary graphic design.

Bump Festival — Kortrijk

Bump Festival
Bump Festival Photo: Bump Festival

One-day creative conference on design, motion graphics, creative coding, and technological innovation. In 2020 BUMP celebrates their 5th anniversary 🎉

Integrated Conference — Antwerp

Integrated Conference
Integrated Conference Photo: Integrated Conference

This biennial highlights the changing positions of designers, visual and performing artists, architects and scientists. Integrated examines how designers can be the connecting actors in our restless and complex society.

Antwerp Poster Festival — Antwerp

Antwerpen Poster Festival
Antwerpen Poster Festival Photo: Antwerpen Poster Festival

Antwerp Poster Festival promotes graphic design and creative thinking in Antwerp with an international appeal. The festival strives to showcase the broad spectrum of styles and visions in the field of graphic design.

  • The next edition of the Antwerpen Poster Festival will be announced soon.

Creative Voices — Zaventem

creative voices
Creative Voices Photo: Creative Voices

The inaugural edition of Creative Voices a leadership conference for all who have a role to play in shaping our creative industry. With keynotes and personal talks from international creative leaders in the creative industries.

That’s It For Belgium!

I love to hear from you. Let me know what your favorite design conference is or if you have other events you want to add, get in touch via the chat function or on Twitter @neonmoire

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Next to these five bigger design conferences, there are lots of smaller meetups, morning or evening events. Local organizations like Creative Network, organize multiple events per year in several cities across Belgium, and chapters of Ladies, Wine & Design, The Design Kids and Creative Mornings in Brussels, Ghent, Liege, organize events frequently.

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