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Product at Heart is a conference for curious product people.

Join Product at Heart if you are curious and looking to expand your knowledge and network within the product management community. On September 13, 2024, Product at Heart will be hosting their big conference at the stunning Kampnagel venue. The day will be structured with four insightful keynotes from renowned figures in the product world, framing the in-depth conversations across our dual-track-themed sessions: FROM GROWTH TO PROFIT: Rethink Value Creation HOW WE WORK: Product Operating Models in Practice WINNING TOGETHER: Blueprints for Collaborative Success SKILLSET TO MINDSET: Realizing Your Potential as a Product Manager This will be a day filled with enlightening content and rich opportunities to engage with fellow product professionals. We are eagerly anticipating your participation and look forward to a day of inspiring exchange and growth.



Melissa Perri
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Melissa Perri is a strategic advisor, author, and board member that works with leaders at Fortune 500 companies and SAAS scale ups to enable growth through building impactful product strategies and organizations. In 2018 she wrote the industry-acclaimed book "Escaping the Build Trap". Currently, Melissa is the CEO and founder of Produx Labs, which offers e-learning for product people through Product Institute and CPO Accelerator. She has consulted with dozens of companies to transform their product organizations, including Insight Partners, Capital One, Vanguard, Walmart/Sam's Club. In her free time, you can find her trying to finish her house renovations before something else breaks.

Kate Leto
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Kate Leto is an Executive Coach with over 25 years of experience with product management, digital transformation and leadership development. She has had a front-row seat to the evolving ways digital products are discovered, defined, built and delivered and now takes her experience into organisations of all shapes and sizes as a coach and advisor. Her consulting experience has taken her around the world, guiding clients that range from disruptive startups to Fortune 100 companies. Kate’s first book , Hiring Product Managers: Using Product EQ to go beyond culture and skills, is available through Amazon and all leading digital storefronts.

Tim Herbig
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Tim Herbig is a Product Management Coach and Consultant who helps maturing curious product teams make real progress by connecting the dots of Product Strategy, Product OKRs, and Product Discovery. He has helped companies like StepStone, Chrono24, Deutsche Telekom, and Specsavers turn product theory into pragmatic and practical application. Before going independent, he held multiple Product roles at companies like Gruner+Jahr and XING and multiple b2c and b2b startups. Tim shares his insights through his blog, his weekly "Product Practice" newsletter, read by over 10,000 product people, and, soon, his new book. While product management depends on many things, his mood mostly depends on one thing: excellent filter coffee - preferably home-ground and brewed.

Oliver Reichenstein
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Conference 13 September 2024: 699 EUR Workshops 12 September 2024: 799 EUR Leadership Forum 11 September 2024: 499 EUR


Jarrestrasse 20
22303, Hamburg

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Workshops at Product at Heart

Stakeholder Management: The Most Important Skill Nobody Teaches with Bruce McCarthy
12 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024
To get your product funded and staffed, to get your team and your stakeholders aligned, to keep your customers and your executive sponsors engaged -- for your plan to have a chance, you’ve got to become the consummate leader. Bruce’s workshop covers: How to map the real org chart for your company How to develop trust with key stakeholders How to use narratives to drive alignment How to say no in ways that enhance your relationships How to make group decisions How to main alignment in the face of change
Price: 799
Strategy and Principles: Connecting the Dots with Martin Eriksson
12 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024
Using the Decision Stack as a mental model to drive efficient and aligned decisions within your role, team, and organisation. Workshop overview The Decision Stack is a mental model which helps align organisations from top to bottom, and bottom to top – increasing decision-making velocity and quality throughout! Currently being used around the world in large complex organisations as well as fast-paced start-ups, this Decision Stack Workshop will help you connect the dots all the way from vision/mission through to every daily decision made in our companies. Leaders can make the necessary connections between existing theories around vision, strategy, and execution layers and understand how important they are to a cohesive approach. Individual team members can truly understand how their work connects to the bigger picture – and how to challenge their leadership where that clarity is lacking. Using a mix of short lectures, hands-on activities, and group discussions, Martin Eriksson will teach you how to consider your full Decision Stack and deep dive into the two most challenging aspects: defining your strategy and defining your principles. Most importantly this workshop will help you understand your role in bringing these concepts back to your team in order to drive alignment and make better decisions. What we’ll cover on the day What is the Decision Stack – understanding it as a mental model Defining Strategy and Product Strategy – understanding your role in defining strategy at any level of the organisation as well as practical tips for defining your product strategy Product Principles – how they work and what they might help you achieve – along with practical activities to help you draft your principles How to bring the product strategy and principles thinking back to your organisation – making a plan for working towards clarity within your team and the wider company Key takeaways How to own strategy at any level and how to help your team own strategy together How to use principles to make and codify decisions How to collaborate with your team to drive efficient decision-making in your organisation Things to note In order to make the most of this workshop we will be sending some simple pre-work questions to consider prior to the workshop Please remember that strategy (company, product, or otherwise) is nuanced and complex. This workshop will provide some tools and ideas for you to get started, but you probably won’t walk away with a perfectly crafted strategy.
Price: 799
Product Management Leadership Essentials with Rich Mironov
12 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024
Workshop: Audience is CPOs, VPs of Product, PM Directors and other product leaders who are directly managing teams of product managers (and perhaps designers or POs or analysts) With a small group of your product leadership peers, we'll dig into tough organizational, economic, and executive-level issues. We'll share real-world experiences. We'll discover that most product leaders are wrestling with a common set of internal selling challenges. What do product leaders do (versus product managers)? Speaking the language of money with executives Managing priorities and buy-in with stakeholders who don’t agree with each other Constructing more productive and happier “maker” teams (product + engineering + design) Merchandise product wins and communicate our teams’ value to the go-to-market side of the organization Role-playing leadership challenges and HR/people issues
Price: 799
Essential Toolkit for Product Managers with Özlem Yüce
12 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024
This workshop is designed to give you the key techniques that you need in order to navigate the fast changing, complex environment of product management. We will cover essential tools that product managers need in order to excel in 4 key areas of product management. 1. Framing the problem No team wants to build a product that no-one wants. Not only is this a waste of time and money, but it is a huge waste of precious human potential. We are prone to fooling ourselves into believing that we really do know what customers want. As a result, we spend most of our time adding new features, iterating on our products and blindly following product roadmaps that actually get us nowhere at all. How might we avoid building things that no one wants? 2. Managing Demand To succeed as a Product Manager you have to help your team focus. In an ocean seemingly full of urgent and important options, there will be some very high Cost of Delay opportunities. It’s all too easy to get distracted and confused – and miss the opportunity. You’ll have to handle demanding customers, under-pressure senior executives, impatient sales & marketing people, nervous investors and many others who want it all. How might we utilise our team’s capacity to work on the most valuable ideas for our organisation? How might we manage conflicting priorities from multiple stakeholders? 3. Breaking Work down Even when we know which outcomes we’re shooting for, there are hundreds of different paths we could take. And all of those potential journeys start with a first step. Breaking down work to small enough pieces improves flow and visibility and for this, you’re gonna need some sharp tools for slicing problems and solutions. How might we decide which path to take and where to start so that we can deliver value to the customer early? 4. Forecasting and Roadmaps Often, before the starting gun has even fired there are a bunch of people asking: “So, how much do you think this is going to cost? And, when do you think it will be done?” How might we answer these questions and not make promises we can’t keep? Key take-aways: Understand at a deeper level what a product needs to do - jobs to be done Prioritisation for pros using cost of delay Tools for breaking work down Basic forecasting techniques that will enable product teams to manage stakeholder expectations
Price: 799