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One of the highlights of mcbw 2024 will take place on 13 May: the mcbw design summit! Internationally renowned speakers from the fields of design and architecture, research institutes, design centres, start-ups and companies will speak and present innovative design approaches at the Munich Urban Collab.

mcbw design summit will take place on May 13 at Munich Urban Colab and will unite internationally renowned speakers in the fields of design and architecture, including representatives of research institutions, design centers, start-ups, and companies. The focus of the talks will be on innovative nature-centred approaches to design. This year’s mcbw creative explorer, Stefano Boeri, will present his vision of future cities connecting with nature through roof and community gardens, municipal agriculture, parks and forests. In addition to him, a number of other keynote speakers already have signed up: Maurizio Montalti pioneered the research and development of mycelium-based technologies and products. Daniela Bohlinger, as a Senior Expert in Innovation Management at BMW Group, is working intensively on the topic of sustainability strategy. Laura Kiesewetter conducts research at the Institute for Computer-Based Design and Construction (ICD) at the University of Stuttgart on innovative material systems and their integration into the built environment. Tom Kortbeek is the co-founder of Fillip Studios in the Netherlands, an agency engaged in designing textiles that make music when touched and bringing plants to life using augmented reality. A panel of experts from three design centers in Europe - member organizations of the Bureau of European Design Associations (BEDA) - will discuss the continent’s most pressing ecological challenges.


of Stefano Boeri Architetti
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Creative Explorer mcbw 2024

Stefano Boeri speaks about possibilities to connect nature and design with architecture

possibilities to connect nature and design with architecture
Stefano Boeri, architect and urban planner with offices in Milan, Shanghai and Tirana, is Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano and Director of the Future City Lab at Tongji University in Shanghai. As the architect of the Bosco Verticale (Milan 2014) Stefano Boeri is among the leading players in the climate change debate in the field of international architecture. His work ranges from planning architecture and urban visions to design, with a constant focus toward the geopolitical and environmental implications of urban phenomena. Photo: © Giovanni Gastel

of BMW Group
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Speaker at design summit

Daniela Bohlinger speaks about creating forward-looking solutions in car industry and developing sustainable structures in the company

creating forward-looking solutions in car industry and developing sustainable structures in the company
For Daniela Bohlinger, sustainability means taking responsibility for one's own actions. For her, preparing the way for a circular economy is of central importance: Being able to use parts and materials of the vehicles repeatedly results in a significant rethinking of the design process as well as a transformation of the entire company which is leading in new business models too. Daniela Bohlinger wants to create solutions that are forward-looking. She was one of the masterminds behind the BMW Group's in-house think tank "Project i", which resulted in the BMW i3. As Senior Expert Innovation-Management, Focus Sustainability-Strategy, she contributed to the strategic development of the company regarding sustainability, and now she is leading the vision of sustainability in future innovative thinking, works as a professor of practice at the Umeå Institute of Design (UID) and maintains an intensive dialogue with stakeholders inside and outside the automotive industry. Before joining the BMW Group design team in 2002 as a color and material designer, Daniela Bohlinger had worked in various industries as a product designer, where she was always confronted with the impact of her work on the environment. As a Fulbright scholarship holder, she completed a master's degree at the renowned Pratt Institute (NY) University and holds degrees from the UIDH Helsinki and the Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Applied Sciences. Photo: © Birgit Bittermann

of hylo tech
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Speaker at design summit

Laura Kiesewetter speaks about advanced computational design and construction technologies of novel material systems

advanced computational design and construction technologies of novel material systems
Laura Kiesewetter is a research associate at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) at the University of Stuttgart and co-founder of the startup hylo tech. Her academic background lies in architecture and integrative technologies. During her studies, she worked for architecture and facade offices in Stuttgart and London. Her research focuses on advanced computational design and construction technologies of novel material systems and their integration in the built environment. She is especially interested in materially programmed lightweight timber structures that self- shape. Photo: © IntCDC, Robert Faulkner

of Studio Nima
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Moderation at design summit

Leonhard Nima speaks about moderation

Leonhard has more than 13 years of social innovation experience in 20+ countries. He is Founder of Studio Nima and Co-Founder of N3XTCODER. He serves as Educational Advisor to the Yunus Sports Hub. Leonhard acts as an expert and mentor in various incubation and acceleration programs for the International Olympic Committee and the BMW Foundation. He works as a moderator at international conferences. He was an Adjunct Professor for the Master of Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in San Francisco & London. Leonhard worked as Head of Academia at The Grameen Creative Lab. Previously, he worked for the management consulting company Accenture. Photo: Leonhard Nima

of Officina Corpuscoli
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Speaker at design summit

Marizio Montalti speaks about creating innovative biomaterials

creating innovative biomaterials
Maurizio Montalti is a designer, researcher, educator and entrepreneur. He is Founder and Creative Director of Amsterdam-based practice Officina Corpuscoli, where he develops projects investigating inclusive and regenerative opportunities for the establishment of symbiotic relations among the spheres of living, and beyond. The studio’s projects mostly stem from critical explorations in regard to contemporary material culture as well as on a continued attempt to decipher the way in which humans and non-humans come together within the relational complexity of the dynamic ecosystem we all belong to. By distilling research and analysis through the materialisation of tangible narratives, his work strives for the creation of visions and conditions that allow for resonant critical-design experiences. Working at the junction of design and biotech, Maurizio is one of the early pioneers committed to the study and development of wide-ranging mycelium-based technologies, focusing on the creation of multiple innovative biomaterials and of the related artefacts and products. Maurizio is also Chief Mycelium Officer, and co-Founder of SQIM (incl. ephea and mogu), the innovation- driven (bio)tech, bio-materials company, dedicated to the creation of truly responsible, technically sound, and aesthetically pleasing everyday products and solutions deriving from fungi (i.e., mycelium) and from the related processes of valorisation of residual materials’ streams, as by means of microbial fermentation. He has extensive experience in education, priorly serving as Artistic Director and Tutor of dieDAS - Design Akademie Saaleck (DE), co-heading the MAD Master (Materialisation in Art and Design) at Sandberg Instituut - Amsterdam, researching at Design Academy Eindhoven, and teaching, lecturing, and mentoring in various Dutch and international academies and universities. His work has been honored with multiple awards, featured widely in the global media, and globally exhibited in prestigious museums, galleries, and institutions, including Museum of Modern Art (New York), Centre Pompidou (Paris), Design Museum (London), Triennale (Milano), MAXXI (Rome), MAK- Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna), and Nobel prize Museum, (Stockholm), among many others. Photo: © Officina Corpuscoli

of Fillip Studios
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Speaker at design summit

Tom Kortbeek speaks about expressing the added value of creativity

expressing the added value of creativity
Tom Kortbeek (1987) is co-founder of Fillip Studios, an internationally active dutch art and design studio. After graduating from theatre studies and conservatory he developed himself as a multi-disciplinary designer now working on a broad range of international projects concerning art, music, design, science and business. Its focus is on expressing the added value of creativity in general and the creative industries in particular for our society. His firm belief is that we can only develop new solutions if we dare to embrace ‘not knowing’. Photo: © Michele Giebing


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