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About TypeParis Summer24

The 6-week type design programme that you’ve been waiting. Since 2015, TypeParis has welcomed a group of participants who, from the beginning of June to mid-July, discover type design in Paris and produce their font project.

Open to all TypeParis has created a place where any design professional can learn about type design in a relatively short time. Every year, TypeParis receives the same question: "I'm a graphic designer and I've never designed fonts, are you sure I can join?" To which we reply: "Yes, the excellent results you see are mostly created by graphic designers with no experience in type design". Each year, TypeParis also has participants who have attended other summer or evening type courses and are happy to learn more with our team. All levels are represented in the group, from complete beginners to typography enthusiasts who are already creating typefaces and alphabets for their clients. This diversity is the strength of the programme. The teachers During the summer programme, the teachers meet daily to keep everyone up to date and to adjust each participant according to our observations. The typeparis24 team is made up of Jean François Porchez (founder of TypeParis), Mathieu Réguer, Marc Rouault, Gina Serret, Julie Soudanne and Malou Verlomme. Special sessions are planned with Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and Georg Seifert from Glyphs. Our instructors go above and beyond for the students. Because our goal is to see you learn and progress! Guest critics In addition to the regular instructors, TypeParis has guest critics who spend a day with us to individually review each typeface project. Our guests for 2024 are Sláva Jevčinová, Ruggero Magrì, Henrik Kubel (A2 Type), Krista Radoeva. The programme includes learning about type design and calligraphy techniques, the history of type and modern software practices. A typeface is a combination of different factors that need to work together, and the whole intention of our methods is to assimilate this fundamental principle through practice. Like any creative discipline, type design is highly subjective, and while there are important principles that we teach in detail that should be followed, there is a lot of room for personal taste.




TypeParis (at IntuitLab)
90 rue Javel
75015, Paris

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