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Level up on your leadership skills in a two day intimate event made for designers transitioning into management and principal positions with the best training by coaches and experts.

Leadership Ateliers is a boutique event for early design leaders, or those transitioning into leadership. With only 60 spots available, the event delivers a range of classes and workshops that serve as training to jump start your path as a leader. Mix and match between 12 different classes and workshops and unlock a network of other design leaders and expert coaches. Share meals and drinks (included in the price) and attend a dedicated keynote from a star speaker (TBA).




of Resolve to Save Lives
Learn more about Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka is a designer who focuses on solving complex global health problems in simple ways. He leads the open source Simple.org project at the nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives. Simple is used in thousands of hospitals in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Ethiopia to manage 4.5 million patients with hypertension and diabetes. In 2021, he founded the open source Healthicons.org to provide free icons to healthcare projects around the world. Previously, Daniel co-founded startups like Digg, Pownce, and Tiny Speck (became Slack) and was a design partner at Google Ventures for 5 years.

Daniel Burka speaks about Can design make the world better?

Can design make the world better?
Many of us got into technology and design because we wanted to make the world a little bit better. Design promised to put people first and to envision a better future for the world — if only we could get a seat at the table. Today, design often does have some power in organizations and design-driven companies have created immense shareholder value. Heck, tech companies are some of the wealthiest companies in the world. But, are we making the world better? Is design's purpose to drive business value or human values? Or are they intertwined? Kevin Hawkins and Daniel Burka will discuss the common hurdles and how design leadership can steer organizations towards a vision for a better world.

of Button School
Learn more about Nevan Scott

Nevan has been teaching designers and developers for over a decade, and still loves every minute of it! He’s led programs at General Assembly and Ironhack, and coached designers and developers at every stage of their careers.

Nevan Scott speaks about Coaching and mentoring designers

Coaching and mentoring designers
This masterclass will explore ways you can better support and develop individuals on your team. We'll discuss frameworks for assessing designers' skills and contributions to your organization, and tactics for building trust, setting development goals, and adapting coaching practices to each person.

of B-A-D for GOOD
Learn more about Moulsari Jain

Moulsari Jain is a multi-disciplinary creative, coach and consulting partner to courageous business leaders innovating for a better future. Developing brands and cultures that challenge the status quo, Moulsari brings her global experience together with deep expertise in philosophy, psychology, language and design. TEDx speaker, Senior Faculty at The School of Life, and master facilitator improving creativity and social impact across industries.

Moulsari Jain speaks about Leading highly creative Cultures

Leading highly creative Cultures
Get ahead of the curve with the most cutting-edge approach to leadership, achieving more by doing less — and guiding your people to the best, most thriving versions of themselves. Learn how to intentionally shape a personal and collective work culture that addresses human needs and emotions, in order to support and maximize our creative capacity. Through individual and group activities designed to bring unseen hurdles to the surface, discover the power and potential of tuning inwards, developing awareness, and investing in human skills to navigate complexity, uncertainty and unlock our full potential as creative leaders.

Phil Balagtas speaks about Tailoring your Leadership Vision

Tailoring your Leadership Vision
Leaders must possess a strong vision for their teams or organizations, transcending mere project and stakeholder management. This involves understanding the world, foreseeing future trends, and utilizing Futures Thinking to create long and short-term visions. The masterclass delves into challenges and opportunities in implementing a vision, emphasizing its role in aligning teams towards a common measurable goal. Given the growing complexity and uncertainty of the world, visionary leadership is crucial, especially amidst issues like climate change, AI, and geopolitical shifts.

of eDreams
Learn more about Elô Rosendo

A Product Design Lead with over a decade of experience in design and digital experiences. Originally from Brazil, she now calls Barcelona home, where she leads a team of 10 talented designers at eDreams ODIGEO, committed to revolutionizing the travel industry. In her role for the past six months, Elô brings diverse industry experience, having previously contributed her expertise as a Senior Product Designer to renowned companies such as Wallapop and IBM.

Elô Rosendo speaks about From Designer to Leader

From Designer to Leader
Join Elô Rosendo in this 2-hour masterclass as she shares her personal journey from designer to leader. Tailored for aspiring leaders and those with less than 1 year of managerial experience, Elô will provide insights on mindset shifts, team leadership, and cultivating growth. If you're about to become a leader or in the early stages of your managerial career, this masterclass is for you..

of EF Education First
Learn more about Tulio Domingos

Tulio is a product leader with 18 years of experience in working with distributed cross-functional teams in both startup and corporate environments. His portfolio spans across diverse industries such as FinTech, EdTech, AdTech, Gaming, on-demand delivery and more. Tulio's professional journey has taken him to live and work in Scotland, England, Spain, U.S. and Brazil. This global perspective adds depth to his expertise in crafting product-driven strategies in multifaceted work environments.

Tulio Domingos speaks about Strategies & Frameworks for Goal-Driven Collaboration

Strategies & Frameworks for Goal-Driven Collaboration
Boost your leadership skills. Join this 2-hour masterclass where Tulio shares insights into the processes and mindset of some of the most successful teams he’s had the opportunity to work with. If you’re looking for techniques and frameworks that you can immediately apply to achieve success through team collaboration and alignment, then this session is for you.

of SThree
Learn more about Aleksandar Tosovic

Aleks, a skilled leader in coaching, strategy, leadership development, and team management, brings diverse experience across IT, Education, Food, and Beauty industries. Leading teams of 50 to 60,000 across different markets, Aleks excels in start-ups, scale-ups, and corporate settings, seamlessly blending lean and traditional management expertise. His track record showcases a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and a talent for fostering versatile success.

Aleksandar Tosovic speaks about (Re)Design your Leadership

(Re)Design your Leadership
Join our immersive 4-hour leadership session designed to elevate your leadership skills. Engage in a Leadership 360 assessment to gain insights into your leadership style. Explore key leadership roles crucial for success in various contexts. Through interactive group discussions, leverage the assessment results to identify and address your development points. This hands-on session promises a dynamic and collaborative environment, fostering personal and collective growth in leadership effectiveness.

of ex Glovo
Learn more about Zalihata Ahamada

Zalihata is a Design Operations manager. For several years, she has been offering services around Design strategy, Service Design, and User Research to big companies as well as startups. She is also a seasoned UX design teacher and mentor in several Design schools and universities.

Zalihata Ahamada speaks about Set your Team's Roadmap for Success

Set your Team's Roadmap for Success
Design leaders are more and more expected to be clear and accountable on their team’s roadmaps. This 4 hour workshop will give you practical methods and templates to build your team’s roadmap. Learn to make the most of the Agile mindset to confidently plan your activity, in alignment with Product and discover all the different kinds of metrics, and select the right ones for your team and your context.


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